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Interpretation of a dream about test

Dreambooks consider that dreaming about exams is a common symbol showing that every person feels anxiety and even fear throughout his life. In our dreams these feelings are often transformed into an image that everyone knows from the childhood. Exam dreams can also be a symbol of urge for new knowledge and self-development. This dream can be a sign of venturesome person, symbolize struggle between temptation and carefulness. If you often see yourself having exam this can mean that your lifestyle is much different from the majority of people around you. This doesn’t mean you have to follow the voice of the crowd, it is much better to remain an individual.

If this dream is seen by an adult who is not at school or university for a long time already this can show he is planning some risky venture and is trying to understand whether it’s worth doing it. You can judge about your plan’s results by the results of your tests in a dream, good grade means the idea is worth the risk.

If you are getting ready for exam it means you will have to put a lot of efforts to succeed. This dream can also depict the dreamer’s uncertainty. People who cheat during their dreaming exam have problems in communication in reality, they have a lot of psychological barriers.

Failing at the exam means your idea is disastrous and you should leave it behind. It can also mean that your uncertainty restricts you from achieving your goals. If you successfully passed the exam it is a sign that you are on the right way, keep following your plan even if your surrounding is trying to persuade you that you are wrong. Succeeding at the exam in a dream promises a step forward and is telling you you have to follow the dream. If you didn’t pass the exam from the first time you should not be desperate, your plans will achieve your purpose but not at once.