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Interpretation of a dream about nude person

Traditional dreambooks have various interpretation of nakedness in dreams. The most ancient of them state that seeing a naked person implies to sickness and spoiled reputation. Luckily this interpretation usually concerns not the dreamer himself, but the person whom he saw in a dream.

According to Miller’s dreambook, seeing a good acquaintance or your beloved naked will reveal some shameful truth. There will be some misunderstanding between you two and you will not be able to avoid it. It is an unfavorable sign if other people were looking at each other’s naked bodies with interest.

  • Seeing yourself naked brings illness;
  • beloved one – unpleasant truth;
  • deceased relative – weather change;
  • unknown person – losing reputation;
  • a deceased relative or neighbor symbolizes weather change;
  • certainly into cold one if you thought the person felt cold. The same dream may mean general change of climate for the dreamer which implies a long business trip or change of place of living.

Seeing your relative’s naked buttocks or other body parts will bring gossip. If you saw an unknown person naked and bold, the dream means it will be you who loses the reputation. For a married woman seeing naked body parts symbolizes losing not only reputation, but income source as well. If you were naked in a dream, tried to hide from others and felt cold, the dreambooks advise take care of your health, because there is a chance to catch a cold.