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Sex With Ex-boyfriend Dream Meaning

Dreams about sex with your ex boyfriends are usually interpreted as unfinished connection and unconscious wish to resume it. The dream can also warn about mistakes or conflict escalation, sometimes – about positive changes.

Dreams about resuming intimate relations with your ex-boyfriend are a reflection of inner connection. Maybe it is worth giving these relations a second chance. This night plot is also a proof that the dreaming lady wants to return something good that was present in her life.

If your ex boyfriend was following you and achieved intimacy between you, this means that he would like to continue your romance.

A dream about quarrels and conflicts ending up with sex means that your disagreements didn’t disappear and will come out to surface if you resume your connection.

Dream sex with your ex can also be a warning that you can take wrong decision or make a mistake. You should properly think your actions over.

If you had sex with your ex in the subway, the dream states that one of the reasons of your breaking up was your wish to flaunt your feelings.

Another reason for seeing dreams about sex with your ex boyfriend is your complexes. The dreamer is afraid to disappoint her current partner in bed and that this might lead to breaking up as well.

Sex with your ex in a dream can also mean positive life changes: career growth, travelling, change of profession. A very passionate sex is a sign that the dreamer often needs support and approval of others.

    If you remember who initiated sex between you, this can help with dream interpretation:
  • He – he doesn’t believe that these relations ended up;
  • You – you still feel that he is yours and can not let him go with your inner self;
  • You both wanted this so much – it is possible that you will resume your relations;
  • It happened accidentally – some circumstances with push you towards each other;
  • If you don’t understand how you two appeared in bed – you shouldn’t pay attention to such dream.

According to Miller, a dream about having sex with your ex is a warning to be careful: your current relations can become complicated. You should try finding a compromise if you have a conflict.

If the woman had sex with her ex boyfriend in a dream on the eve of her wedding, this plot indicates that she has doubts whether she made the right choice. You should think carefully about both men and compare your feelings.

Sergii Haranenko

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