All About Cats In Dreams.

The cat is one of the most complex characters that one has to deal with when decoding dreams. The thing is that the image of a cat can arise in a dream for so many reasons, and it is almost never possible to determine exactly how our subconscious mind worked at the moment when we saw a small kitten, Siamese cat or affectionate pet kitty. Perhaps in reality we came across an amazing person who, despite all the difficulties, managed to avoid the seemingly inevitable danger. The appearance of a cat in a dream can be facilitated by a meeting with an independent and slightly frivolous woman. But what if we dreamed of a cat as a warning of impending danger?

As for the human qualities that characterize the cat, they are, without a doubt, known to all. This is cunning, deceit and malice. But at the same time, one should not forget that in ancient times cats were deified and considered special animals. And this means that any dream in which you saw a cat is prophetic. Most importantly, you need to be able to decrypt it correctly.

Watching how a dog hunts a cat in a dream is a warning that you should never deceive your friends. Upon learning of your deception, your friends will turn away from you forever. Seeing a little kitten hiding from an angry dog on a tree is a sign that in real life you should be very careful. There are plenty of dream plots about cats and you find the one you need in your dream dictionary.

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