Stop Putin - Help Ukraine

Dear friends!

Our team is from Ukraine and we are completely terrified by what is happening in our country now.

The Russian soldiers have already killed tens of thousands of civilians, including women and children, and are committing mass war crimes like gang rapes, executions, looting, and targeted bombings of civilian shelters and places of cultural significance. The death toll keeps rising, and Ukraine needs your help.

We are grateful to people from all over the world who support our country.

If you are able and wish to help stop the insane aggressor and terrorist, you can support Ukrainian Army financially.

Below you can find the link to donation website where you can find all the information, i.e. the purpose of donation, reports, organisation's Facebook and Twitter accounts, etc.

Ukrainians are recommending the Come Back Alive charity( ). For other options, see ,

If you support the actions of the Russian government (even after reading all this), do everyone else a favour and carry some seeds in your pocket ( ).

Please note: the donations are in no way associated with our website. We are just trying to help stop the war!

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