All About Children In Dreams

Seeing a lot of children in a dream is evidence that you will face many small problems, each of which will require additional time and effort. If you saw yourself as a child in a dream, this means that in real life you behave not in the best way. Your children's tricks are extremely inappropriate and offend the people around you.

To see that a child has fallen in a dream means that you will have many obstacles in your affairs soon. Crying children seen in a dream are a sign of deception and trouble through lying friends. Seeing children playing is a symbol of good news, family peace, joy. The dream in which you saw that the child is walking without adult supervision means that you can regret that you neglected the advice of others.

Nursing children in a dream is an indication that friends or partners whose help or support you had expected would betray you at a difficult moment. To see a sweet child in a dream and be touched - predicts good news or a new and pleasant acquaintance.

If a childless person sees that he has children, this is a sign that you will have a happy and prosperous life.

Dropping a child in a dream is a sign of failure of plans. Such a dream predicts the illness of their child to parents. Beating a child in a dream means that you will succeed. Punishing a child in a dream is a sign that you should repent of your mistakes. Without this, you cannot succeed.

Dirty and unwashed children seen in a dream predict big problems, legal proceedings that will suddenly fall on your head. Seeing that your child is sick in a dream is a sign of minor troubles and domestic squabbles.

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