All About Deceased, Dead People, Late Relatives In Dreams.

What do dead people represent in dreams? A dead man seen in a dream predicts rain; in general seeing deceased people means weather change or an unsuccessful end to some business or unexpected danger. A quiet or cheerful deadman is a good sign. Noisy or sad late person is a bad sign in a dream. Giving something to the dead is a bad dream. Taking something from a dead man in a dream is good.

If you dream that you are dead and you are being taken to a cemetery, this means you will lose your job. If a dead person comes to life in a dream, unexpected news or the return of something lost awaits you. Moving or dressing the dead man is a sign of disease. To take off his clothes may predict the death of a relative.

If you see someone from your loved ones dead, this means you will have to face the betrayal of your beloved. To revive the dead man or see how he comes to life may also means that you will soon have to face a problem again that you thought had been solved long ago.

Talking to a person who, as you know, has died long ago: according to the tradition of dream interpretation, predicts sharp change in the weather. Another interpretation is also possible: one of the relatives or just acquaintances of the person you saw in a dream will try to find you in order to find out some important question.

To see deceased relatives, friends or people close to you - means to fulfill your secret desires, to receive help in a difficult situation. Seeing your husband dead in a dream is a very bad sign promising sheer troubles and disappointments. If you kiss him at the same time, this is a matter of frustration, poverty and the loss of best friends.

The dream in which you see a dead nun portends a strong despair due to adultery or betrayal of a loved one. Seeing a lot of dead people on the battlefield predicts a headache and a visit to the clinic.

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