All About Dogs In Dreams.

In general, a dog in a dream means a friend - either good or bad one - and is a symbol of love and devotion. Seeing a dog in a dream foreshadows receiving news from a friend or meeting with him. Small dogs that appear in a dream mean chores, cares, vanity.

A black dog in a dream means your friend who may be planning something against you. The white dog in a dream is your close friend. A red dog in a dream means a very close person, husband, wife, lover.

The breed and size of the dog in a dream characterizes your friends. A poodle, a spitz and other decorative lap dogs in a dream represent a faithful and gentle friend. A dog (breed) seen in a dream means a big and smart friend. But if in a dream it grins at you, then beware of him. This is not a friend, but an insidious enemy.

Hounds and hunting breeds in a dream mean self-interested people who do not hesitate to earn money on your account or deceive you for the sake of profit. But if in a dream you know that you have hunting dogs, then a dream predicts you luck or profit.

If dogs chase you in a dream, then you should be wary of the traps prepared for you by insidious enemies. Guard dogs symbolize loyal, faithful, and strong friends who are ready to protect you in difficult times.

A playing dog in a dream is a harbinger of a joyful or pleasant meeting. A caressing dog means a loyal friend. However, if an unfamiliar dog caresses you in a dream, then you should beware of deception or betrayal. To pet the dog yourself in a dream is a sign that you are trying to achieve the affection of someone you care about. A snapping, barking, snarling, attacking dog in a dream predicts quarrels, scandals, insults.

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