All About Insects In Dreams.

Insects that appear in a dream are endowed with the properties inherent in them in life. Some of them are considered harmful, others are useful, while others we fight. If you dream that there are plenty of insects around you, this means you will experience sorrows and troubles.

Butterflies seen in a dream are a symbol of windiness, short-lived beauty, quickly passing feelings. Mosquitoes are symbols of hostile causticity, they are bothersome, can hurt so much that you will remember for several days. In a dream they represent schemers, ill-wishers, envious people, rivals who are ready to profit at our expense.

Flies in a dream personify annoying, boring people, who are hard to get rid of. Sometimes biting flies in a dream mean a contagious disease. To see or hear a gadfly in a dream means that you will learn about the treachery of your enemies. Wasps seen in a dream do not bode well. If the wasp flies to you, then wait for some news. The hornet's nest in a dream is a symbol of enemy intrigue or plans.

Spiders seen in a dream mean deceit and cunning of enemies. Leeches in a dream - are a symbol of the fact that you have an enemy that you will find it difficult to get rid of.

Bees in a dream symbolize hard work, perseverance, prosperity. Locusts appear in dreams in order to warn of envious and greedy enemies. Cricket seen in a dream means that you will have to make a lot of efforts to achieve the desired goal. Hearing its trill in a dream is a sign of sadness and poverty.

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