All About Snakes In Dreams.

Seeing snakes in a dream is a bad sign. In a dream, snakes represent our enemies and envious people, rivals (and more often women), cunning and deceitful people. Sometimes a snake dream predicts an illness.

If the snake is calm in a dream, this means you should avoid conflicts and risky ventures. If the snake is aggressive or wriggling, then you are in danger from enemies who hate you. Try to take the necessary precautions. If you dream that the snake has encircled around you and is ready to attack, this means your position is irreparable. You are completely in the grip of your enemies. Try to set yourself free from the snake in a dream. In real life, this will help you get out of serious trouble.

If the snake has bitten you, beware of an accident. Be extremely careful. A dream in which you saw that a snake has bitten someone else means that your friend will suffer from your actions.

As with any dream plot, the details of the dream are of great importance.

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