All About Water In Dreams

What does water symbolize in a dream? Pure water in a dream predicts joy, a happy outcome, happiness. Any vessel or reservoir with clean water promises well-being and wealth in the near future.

Clear water in the river is an auspicious sign that promises success and joy. The clean river flowing into your bedroom portends the imminent arrival of a wealthy overseas guest who will do a lot for your well-being; if the water is not calm or turbulent, then your guest may come with bad intentions and disturb peace in your home.

The flow of clean water flowing near your home means that your financial situation will be consolidated soon and you will get a good position that will give you the opportunity to help people in need.

If in a dream you were given a glass of clean water, this means you will have success in business or marriage, which will turn to be happy.

Gathering clean water from a well and treating it to someone is a sign that with your help people, whom you have provided with water, get rich. If the water becomes cloudy, this means you will bring misfortune to this person.

To carry water in your clothes, a broken vessel, or in something else that is not quite suitable for this means that you will have losses or deception of people to whom you have entrusted your fortune. If the water did not spill, this means you will miraculously avoid big losses and save your fortune.

Seeing a pond with calm water is a sign that your life will go on calmly and happily. A boiling stream is a harbinger of fire, trial and revenge of enemies. Water flowing over stones means that your enemies or bosses will be inexorable, and you will lose the trial.

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