Agency Dream Meaning

What does an agency represent in dreams? A dream about looking for a husband through a marriage agency is a warning for a woman about possible deceit.

Dreaming about some agency warns that loss of money is possible due to your carelessness when filling out business papers.

Did you dream about a real estate agency? A dream about a real estate agency that occurred on Monday night means waste of time. Seeing an agency in a dream on the night of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday is a sign of idleness. Real estate agency on the night of Saturday or Sunday - symbolizes drastic changes in life.

According to the Ukrainian dreambook, an agent in a dream means news of family losses. A dream about being an agent means removing obstacles.

Cooperating with an agent in a dream - means to influence someone.

According to the Dreambook of the 21st century, a trading company in which you serve as an agent in a dream - means your position is unstable.

A dream about an insurance agent - symbolizes the upcoming changes in your life and success in business.

Interpretation of dreams from the Psychotherapeutic dream book says the following. Unexpectedly meeting a person who mysteriously identified himself as an agent of some enterprise, more or less industrial, means taking shares of some new joint-stock company by passion, with which quite a story will come out.

Seeing an insurance agent in a dream - predicts changes in personal life and success in the business sphere, the Alphabetic dreambook states.

An unexpected meeting with a person, who is an advertising agent for a company – is a sign that before buying shares in a company, make inquiries about how reliably it floats afloat in a sea of ​​​​business.

If you dreamed of an agent of the detective service following in your footsteps, in reality you may receive honors and undeserved success. If at the same time you feel guilty about yourself, the deceit will be revealed in waking life, and friends will turn away from you.

If in a dream you play the role of an intelligence agent, this means you will have to make unsuccessful deals or make business transactions that will not bring the desired results.

Why does one dream of the agency dealing with re-election? This is a sign of a tiresome squabble.

What is the meaning of a dream about census? Prepare to answer questions of the officials.

What is meaning of a dream about petition? This means meeting difficulties in your undertaking

Sergii Haranenko
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