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Alcohol Dream Meaning

In real life alcohol serves as antidepressant or the means of relaxation and fun for some people; for others it becomes the source of non-stopping troubles.

In the dreambook of the 21st century it is said that to drink any alcoholic beverages in a dream means to experience a sharp but rather short-lived pleasure in reality. Before experiencing it, consider that the consequences will be sad and irreversible.

Drinking alcohol balsam in a dream is a bad sign predicting troubles. If there was brandy in your glass, this is a sign that you will manage to achieve high position in society. Just a dream of alcohol itself doesn’t guarantee success. You will have to work hard in order to raise your social status.

Culinary dreambook assumes that drinking booze in a dream is a symbol showing your wish to experience forbidden pleasures. There is high possibility that your life will change thanks to your decisive action.

Drinking moonshine from the bottle is a bad sign. The Wanderer’s dreambook warns that there is a person in your life who wishes you evil. You can protect yourself from the intrigues of an enemy only by completely limiting all possible contacts with him.

To feel drunkenness in a dream means to be in a difficult situation that requires an important decision. Such a plot can be seen in a dream before a divorce, going to college, or applying for a new job. If you yourself can not figure out how to act correct, consult with a person more experienced on this issue.

The Ukrainian dreambook considers it quite a bad sign to feel own drunkenness because of alcohol in a dream. It is impossible to understand who among the people around is telling the truth, and who is simply deceiving in the most brazen manner. This interpretation is especially correct if you dream that you have severe dizziness and nausea.

Miller’s dreambook is convinced that alcohol intoxication is the forerunner of strong feelings. Feeling sincere love not in a dream, but in reality, you can not think soberly, in cold blood and begin to make major mistakes. Think whether a new love is really worth the risk.

If you were buying expensive elite alcohol in a dream, this sign means you will be able to purchase what you have been dreaming about for a long time in reality.

Buying booze of not very high quality in a dream means making some mistake due to haste and indiscretion, which can be corrected quite problematically.

If you dreamed that you paid an excessively high price for alcohol, then you will have to seriously pay for achieving the desired. If you dream of a good alcohol for a small price, then the goal will be achieved with the least loss.

Sergii Haranenko

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