Anchovy Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about anchovy? Anchovies in a dream are a bad sign; such a dream suggests that your hopes will not come true. At the same time, eating anchovies in a dream means getting good news, the “Food” Dreambook states.

According to the Family dreambook, the dream in which you see an anchovy portends you receiving bad news that certain circumstances interfere with the fulfillment of your plans.

If you eat it in a dream, you may expect good news, unless it is rotten, because in this case your success will be overshadowed by other sad circumstances.

The dream of anchovies, in general, is not very favorable, as it portends you that even if successful, your joy will be incomplete due to the bad consequences that your business will entail. Such a dream can also mean success in love, but love will also be overshadowed by the bitterness of separation or financial difficulties.

Selling anchovies in a dream promises you great luck and money soon.

According to the Druids dreambook, seeing anchovies in a dream – is a sign that your plans are unrealistic, you should look at things more realistically.

Sergii Haranenko
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