Barbed Wire Dream Meaning

What is the barbed wire dream meaning and symbolism? At the general level of dream analysis, the dream of barbed wire is perceived as a warning. The dreamer should not get involved in any kind of love affair or romance, because this will seriously jeopardize his marriage or partnership.

Anyone who sees barbed wire in a dream is very popular with the opposite sex in the real world and may have an admirer. In this situation, in a dream, it should also be noted in which context the barbed wire appeared in a dream. The barbed wire fence symbolizes the demarcation of the emotional zone.

If you see barbed wire in a concentration camp, this may indicate the dreamer's fear of being different from others. The barbed wire on the wall of the prison shows, according to the interpretation of dreams, that the person may feel mentally limited in waking life.

If in a dream you want to climb over barbed wire, you are trying to find a solution to a certain problem that is preventing your further progress in waking life. If one can successfully overcome the barbed wire, this means he will succeed in real life as well. However, if the dreamer is stuck on a wire, he should proceed carefully in the near future so as not to fail.

Psychologically the barbed wire seen in a dream, if it surrounds a person, shows that the dreamer cannot develop because of offensive or malicious remarks. These statements can come from others, as well as from the sleeper himself.

If the dreamer installs barbed wire around his country himself, he must be aware that he would like to separate himself from other people in the waking world.

If the sleeper tries to break through barbed wire in a dream, he should learn to respect the feelings of others; because otherwise he will only hurt himself.

Everyone who is injured by barbed wire in a dream or receives a wound from it must, according to a psychological dreambooks, become aware of their own emotional pain. It would be wise to take a closer look at this in real life and process it.

Wire entanglement as a dream symbol symbolizes difficulties that seem insurmountable.

The Spiritual dream book interprets the barbed wire as a symbol of limitation in the transcendental area, which will remain in the dreamer's memory as a painful experience.

Sergii Haranenko
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