Barn Dream Meaning

What does a barn symbolize in a dream? According to the Modern dreambook, if the barn you are dreaming of is strong, full of ripe dry grain, this portends the onset of your finest hour; it is a very auspicious dream.

A dream about an empty barn – is a sign of ruin; a bard full of grain - symbolizes profit; a dream of a broken barn – predicts divorce and division of property; a burning barn in a dream – predicts the loss of everything.

According to Miller’s dreambook, if you see in a dream a barn full of ripe, good grain: wheat, barley, and a number of herds are around, this is a sign of great and lasting prosperity. If the barn is empty, this means poverty and failure await you.

The fire in the barn, if it does not harm you and does not frighten you, promises that your concern for business will turn into a big profit.

According to the Esoteric dreambook, seeing a barn in a dream speaks about good prospects, well-being without much hassle.

The Chinese dreambook thinks that if you start building a warehouse or a barn – this plot portends wealth and a career.

Seeing a dilapidated barn in a dream is a sign of sorrows.

Seeing a barn full of old things is a sign of long-term illness, evidence of possible damage.

If you dream of a barn in which you are looking for something and cannot find it, it means that there is hope that in reality you will still find what you are looking for.

Sergii Haranenko
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