Crab Dream Meaning

As the majority of dreambooks state, the image of crab symbolizes such feelings as sluggishness, isolation and stubbornness. Dreams about this animal suggest meeting a person soon who will pay a great role in the life of the dreamer. According to Aesop’s dreambook seeing a live crab crawling slowly along the seashore predicts meeting a tardy and stubborn person who will cause you a number of troubles and have negative influence on your life.

Seeing a big live crab thrown on the shore by waves, promises a future profitable offer in the sphere that is unknown to you. This dream plot warns that right now you shouldn’t start the deal because you do not have enough experience and knowledge and you can fail. As for the A to Z dreambook, it gives quite positive interpretation of a dream about crab: it promises happy although silly and inappropriate events. A dead red crab predicts a successful end of a venture that started badly.

Miller interprets a dream about catching red crabs as a long and difficult period of adaptation and getting to know each other for people in love. Another explanation of a dream about catching crabs is that you should pay attention to your timidity that can sometimes annoy people around you. If you bought or caught and then cooked crabs in a dream, this means that you will have scandals and misunderstandings with your partner for a while. If you were lucky to catch a huge crab, the dreambooks predict you a lot of happy moments in future. Cooking a crab dish in a dream symbolizes victory over someone’s stubbornness. If two people who are in love were feeding crabs to each other, this dream plot shows that inability to communicate and compromise will be the main reason for breaking the relations.

A dream about eating crabs in an exquisite company of rich people warns about difficult problems, the solving on which depends on your self-discipline, hard work and help of your good friends. If you had a dream that a crab bites or pinches you with his claw means that you will get hurt by a person whom you have been trusting for a long time. Mostly probable, he will use the secrets you told him about against you. If the crab bit someone from your family, the dream is warning that this person is in danger, his ill-wishers will not stop and will be using all the methods.

Sergii Haranenko
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