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Dam Dream Meaning

What is the dam dream meaning and symbolism? If you dream about a dam, it usually means some obstacles in business. But there are other interpretations depending on plot details.

According to the Summer dreambook, standing on a high dam and looking down in a dream means that you will advance far in your career.

To see how a dam is being built is a sign of some kind of acquisition. Besides that this image may symbolize some life difficulties.

If you dream of a dike crash, it is a bad dream predicting financial decline. It will be difficult to restore your current financial position after that.

According to the American dreambook, if you dream of a dam, this means your emotions are about to burst out.

Denise Lynn also thinks that a dream about dam may indicate that pent-up emotions need to be released. Is there a situation that should have been unblocked a long time ago? Treat this situation with due attention or the dam will burst.

Sergii Haranenko

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