Fireplace Dream Meaning

A fireplace seen in a dream is a symbol of the onset of a not too pleasant period in life. Dream Interpretation warns of future problems with the body, difficulties in relationships with loved ones, disappointments.

Seeing a blazing fire in a fireplace in a dream is sign of an indecent act. The dreamer will act contrary to his moral principles in real life, and for a long time will regret what he has done this. The Modern dream book advises not to act in a rush, succumbing to emotions. First of all, think about how you can get out of the situation without risking anything.

If you dreamed that a fire burns in the fireplace, and you climb up the chimney, such plot means you will get around all the sharp corners. Your reputation will remain unstained. If the crackling fire has severely burned you, it means that you will definitely suffer losses in some areas of life.

Miller interprets a burning fireplace in a very interesting way. To see a burning fireplace in a dream means to receive coming news of your illness. If you dreamed that you were trying to hide from someone or something near the furnace, this means that in reality you will begin to worry and be tormented by all kinds of doubts.

If a burning fireplace suddenly goes out in a dream, this plot means that circumstances will suddenly turn out to be very beneficial for you in reality. Miller’s dream interpretation believes that the current difficult life situation will improve without any efforts. So do not worry in vain, but just wait a while and more blessed times will come.

To dream about how you look into a fireplace in which there is neither flame nor firewood is a bad sign. The Universal dream book is convinced that this dream promises all sorts of sorrows and troubles. Another version of dreams of a similar plot - a feeling of spiritual emptiness and confusion. If you dream of this, do not hesitate to seek the advice of an experienced person who knows life. In some cases, another person can help you find the best solution.

If you dreamed that the firewood has almost gone out - wait for problems at the workplace. If you want to prevent future troubles, start right now to think over other options for generating cash income. Aesop's dream book is sure that you can find several side jobs at once, and then the financial crisis will not scare you.

    You can find an explanation of what a fireplace means in dreams in many sources. Here are the most common interpretations:
  • Crackling logs - well-being and prosperous life.
  • High flame and intense heat - family well-being.
  • A luxurious large fireplace - the realization of desires.
  • Pouring logs with water - to make rather rash decisions.
  • Gathering a fireplace from stones - work for the future.
  • To smash a fireplace with a hammer - to get into big trouble.
Sergii Haranenko
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