Flamingo Dream Meaning

Pink flamingo is a symbol rarely seen in dreams. A bird rare in its beauty speaks of a coming journey to distant lands and can be seen in dreams only by those who are ready for cardinal changes in life.

The psychologist known to the world (Miller) claims that time has come for the person’s dreams to come true. To see, to admire the flamingo in a dream comes to people who have pure thoughts, lofty ideas. Dreaming means that it is time to take active steps to introduce them into life. Especially if you dreamed that the pink bird was near you.

    Dreambook of Miller calls to become more agile, do not miss the chance. He recommends deciphering dreams about flamingos based on the details:
  • Bird walking alone at the sunset– romantic offer;
  • Flamingo eating fish near water reservoir – promising discoveries;
  • Running away or flying up – abrupt events change;
  • Flirting with its partner – fulfillment of your plans;
  • Flamingo fends off the flock or frightened – troubles.

To see a couple of majestic pink birds in a dream - to fulfill even immodest desires. Dream books recommend not to lose time, quickly begin to introduce your ideas, projects, dreams into reality, if you dreamed that the male flamingo beautifully cared for the female. Flamingo love games promise quick career rise, recognition of creative talents.

Large flamingos symbolize success, prosperity, peace, goal achievement.

If you dreamed that the flock abruptly gathered on the road, took off, was frightened of your presence - be prepared for a change of place of residence, type of activity. Dreaming means that you have to go on a long business trip abroad, or change the city of residence forever.

Vanga associates flamingo running away with getting a number of impressions from traveling to exotic countries and new acquaintances.

Romance, unrealistic relationships are waiting for everyone who happened to see a caring flamingo in a dream, catching fish from the water for its couple. Modern dream books recommend reviewing all your friends. Extreme surprise awaits those who have not noticed earlier a person capable of beautiful courtship next to you.

Sergii Haranenko
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