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Kinder Surprise Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you dream about Kinder Surprise? This image seen in a dream promises a pleasant surprise or lottery win. Besides that dreaming about Kinderegg predicts receiving good news.

    What were you doing with Kinderegg in your dream?
  • buying a kinder surprise - symbolizes an interesting meeting;
  • seeing a child eating it - means a dream coming true;
  • eating a Kinder Surprise and other oriental sweets - is a sign of financial well-being.

If a young girl dreams about Kinderegg, this is a sign of mutual feelings. A young guy dreaming of Kinder Surprise, this means a merry party.

According to Women’s dreambook, such a dream promises the achievement of a goal.

    Additional meaning for women by Women’s dreambook:
  • chocolate eggs at home in a dream speak of unexpected wealth;
  • Kinder Surprise in the store – symbolizes reconciliation with a friend.

Sergii Haranenko

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