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Interpretation of a dream about lego

To see Lego in a dream, as well as other children's games in a dream predicts material well-being, positive changes, home improvement. Dreaming means that the time has come to prove oneself, one’s own wit, to introduce interesting, profitable ideas, projects.

If you dreamed that Lego interested an adult person, it means that his creative projects will receive wide recognition. A dream about collecting small Lego parts shows the wish for self-improvement, Miller states.

    The dreambooks consider your actions with Lego:
  • creating heroes - the introduction of large promising projects;
  • buying in the store - it's time to enjoy the fruits of your work;
  • to play with the whole family - to complete welfare;
  • to scatter - losses.

The more Lego details were involved in the dream, the more varied the personal and business life of the dreamer will be.

Collecting Lego, designing fantastic cities, inventing a fairy tale in a dream is a promise of promotion, acquaintance with new partners, the acquisition of large things, interesting family events.

As for Freud, any construction is interpreted by him as a complete mutual understanding in the couple, the ability to find compromises, to give pleasure to a partner. The psychotherapist guarantees a lot of sexual entertainment in the coming days.