Obedience Dream Meaning

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What does a dream about submission symbolize? Dreaming of obedience may reflect feelings of submission or a desire to control or be controlled in a particular situation in your waking life. It could signify power dynamics or authority issues.

Obedience often involves following rules or orders. Dreaming of obedience may suggest that you are complying with rules, expectations, or societal norms in your waking life.

Submission can also be associated with conformity to social norms and standards. Dreaming of obedience might indicate a desire to fit in or a fear of standing out or being different.

In some cases, dreams of obedience may involve authority figures instructing you to obey. These figures could represent external authority in your life or your own internal sense of discipline and order.

Obedience can imply controlled behavior or restraint. Dreaming of obedience may reflect a need to exercise self-control or a feeling of being controlled by external forces.

Obedience can be related to feelings of safety and security. Dreaming of obedience may indicate a desire for structure and stability in your life.

On the flip side, dreaming of obedience might reflect inner conflict or a desire to resist authority or restrictions that you perceive as oppressive.

Obedience can be a component of training and discipline. Dreaming of obedience may signify a need for self-discipline or recognition of the need for training or skill development in your life.

Dreaming of submission

According to the Psychological dreambook, if in a dream you showed humility, this is a sign that your real life will be quite boring and devoid of events.

A dream in which someone submitted to you indicates that you will become the master of your destiny and achieve the respect of others.

If in a dream you show unquestioning submission to your husband or lover, which you would never do in reality, it means that in waking life you will have to sacrifice your principles in order to achieve a significant goal.

A dream in which your chosen one expresses complete submission to your will - therefore, in reality there will be complete mutual understanding and agreement between you.

Showing humility and submitting to someone in a dream is a harbinger of a pleasant, but very uneventful life. If you dream that someone submits to you, this means you will boldly begin to control your destiny and achieve deep respect, the Modern dreambook states.

According to the Love dreambook, if you dream that you are submitting to someone, it means that your married life will be calm, quiet, a little boring and uneventful.

A dream about someone being submissive to you promises respect and gratitude from your loved one.

Sergii Haranenko
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