Prosthesis Dream Meaning

What is the prosthesis dream symbolism? If you dreamed of a person with prosthesis, beware of serious losses, do not allow large expenses. Also, a prosthesis seen in a dream is a sign that everything lost will return only after a long time. A dream in which you replace your teeth with a denture promises irresponsible attitude towards your health and body.

Seeing crutches in a dream means problems, troubles.

What does Miller think about artificial limbs seen in a dream? Dreaming of prosthesis – means great efforts have to be made to achieve what you desire. If in a dream you insert prosthesis in place of the missing organ, you risk your health in reality, Miller thinks.

A dream in which a person with prosthetic leg or arm appears predicts great losses. The loss can be returned, but only partially. If a person has prosthesis instead of some other organ, then in reality it will be possible to bring the undertaken business to completion.

A denture in a dream indicates the need to monitor your health closely. A dental structure with a defect or a broken denture means that in reality there are difficulties in communicating with loved ones. If the dentures hurt the gums - it's time to change the place of residence.

According to Freud, the denture dream meaning is that in reality there is a risk of rupture of love relationships due to lies, betrayal or the scandalous nature of the partner.

According to Ivanov’s dreambook, seeing a prosthesis in a dream reflects the person’s sore joints.

According to Esoteric dreambook, if a denture causes pain in a dream, this means that a person who has this dream is too emotional and vulnerable. You need to get rid of these qualities that interfere with your life.

If the false jaw is broken – this dream means money problems are coming. There is a high risk of loss of property or a large amount. If you dreamed of a defective denture - you will have conflict at work.

What is the spiritual meaning of prosthesis in a dream, according to Modern dreambook? Seeing prosthesis instead of a lost arm is a warning sign. You should avoid dangerous situations, seek help from loved ones.

A man with a peg leg in a dream is a sign of the successful completion of the endeavor. Something nice will happen soon.

If you dream that you lost your arm in an accident and it is being replaced with prosthesis, this means a warning: avoid dangerous situations and do not overestimate your strength. Do not refuse the help of friends. If you see a disabled person with a prosthetic leg, it means that you will successfully complete the work you have begun and fully enjoy the well-deserved rest.

A modern, mechanical prosthesis in a dream – means a young man will propose to you unexpectedly.

If an artificial jaw is inserted into you – this means you will have to make every effort to make things successful, since competitors and envious people are not asleep.

According to the dreambook of Catherine the Great, if you dream about prosthesis, this is a symbol of a difficult road/trip, but you will manage to pass it.

Dentures in dreams are a great alternative to a lost tooth. However, to see a denture in a dream is a bad sign, it symbolizes trouble and failure. Although there are exceptions, for example, if a beautiful prosthesis is inserted into your mouth instead of a rotten tooth – this symbol predicts luck in the professional field.

If you dreamed that you have an ugly false jaw in your mouth – this is a sign that you cannot find common language with your friends in some matters.

To dream that the jaws do not open due to the fact that one crown is hooked on another – means you will have very strong worries because of the betrayal of a friend.

To dream that your denture is decorated with a sparkling stone – means that a bright future awaits you in the field of what you are doing now.

If you lost your denture while eating - pay attention to your health, the digestive tract may disturb you.

If you dream that your denture, which you recently inserted, has dropped out and you had to see a doctor again - pay attention to the signals of the body. If you feel any symptoms of overwork or illness, do not delay visiting a doctor.

Sergii Haranenko
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