Quince Dream Meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of quince in a dream? Some dreambooks consider quince is a sexual symbol. A quince seen in a dream promises happiness in love and great success with the opposite sex. If you pick fruits or shake a tree, it means that you risk losing someone's love due to excessive perseverance.

According to the Ukrainian dreambook, dreaming of quince symbolizes trouble or tears.

The Men’s dreambook gives the following explanation of quince in a dream: seeing quince bushes in a dream, but not touching them and not coming close to them – means you will be surprised at the news about an event that happened to your friend or employee. Passing through quince bushes, getting hurt on their thorns – is a sign that the surprise will be unpleasant.

Seeing quince fruits in a dream - you will find an unexpected meeting with an acquaintance who got wealthy recently.

Eating quince fruits, biting them, peeling them - in the next two weeks you will receive unexpected cash profits, income. But, if you see the fruits of quince from Sunday to Monday, then the dream will not come true, and from Wednesday to Thursday, it will come true no earlier than in two weeks.

Treating yourself with ripe quince in a dream is a sign of success with the opposite sex. If you treat someone else with quince, they will do everything for you, whatever you ask.

According to the Big dreambook, seeing yourself eating quince in a dream promises unexpected wealth.

According to the Family dreambook, quince in a dream symbolizes the strength of the spirit. Holding quince in your hands is a favorable sign, meaning that you will be able to control what is happening. Gnawing it is a harbinger of the fact that you will be engaged in a business that is too tough for you. Trying to cut it means that you will be engaged in some kind of lengthy trial.

If you are trying to pick a fruit from a tree, most likely you are too persistent, do not put pressure on your lover, otherwise you risk breaking up.

Sergii Haranenko
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