Shepherd Dream Meaning

What does a herder symbolize in a dream? According to the Family dreambook, being a shepherd in a dream and grazing a herd in a meadow or in a forest means poverty, need, deprivation or loss. For the poor, who are happy to have any money, such a dream portends that they will receive it. For the rich, this dream indicates that they are responsible for some people and they should fulfill their duty to these people.

If the animals in the herd are unkempt or skinny, this is a sign that your business will stall. Sometimes such a dream portends that your business will move extremely slowly. For those who want to have a baby, a dream predicts that their desire will not come true soon. Good, well-fed, thoroughbred animals in the herd are a sign of well-being and a happy family life.

Meeting a shepherdess in a dream means receiving good news.

According to the Girls’ dreambook, seeing a shepherd alone, without a herd, is a sign of bad luck. A dream of a shepherd grazing a flock is a sign of big chore.

If the shepherd herds wild animals – this means someone wants to interfere in your affairs.

If the shepherd grazes hares – this is a sign that your luck is about to slip away from you.

According to Veles’s dreambook a well-known herdsman predicts something not good; a shepherd without a herd – means loss of work; being a shepherd in a dream – promises profit (for the poor) or losses (for the rich).

According to the Islamic dreambook, the image of shepherd indicates high dignity, the fair and honest rule of wards, whether he is a teacher, educator, director or the like.

According to the Dreambook of the 20th century, this is a sign that you should not let your affairs take their course, otherwise they may fall into decay.

A negligent shepherd in a dream suggests that you have made some kind of oversight in your affairs, which can adversely affect your well-being.

If the shepherd, instead of herding the flock, plays the fife or somehow amuses himself: such a dream indicates that some extraneous emotions or hobbies can distract you from current affairs. The general atmosphere of such a dream will tell you what it threatens to turn out for you.

According to the Psychological dreambook, if the shepherd is idle in a dream, beware of illness and bereavement.

Sergii Haranenko
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