Trial Dream Meaning

The Gypsy dream book considers the court trial a symbol of the triumph of justice. Seeing yourself a jury in a dream is about making a fateful decision in reality. But as for dreams of being the defendant, or the accuser, esoterics and psychologists interpret not so optimistic.

    Gustav Miller, explaining what the lawsuit means in a dream, insists that it does not face a dreamer in real life. Most likely, you just want to understand the situations that are happening around you thoroughly and you can do it very successfully. The therapist pays close attention to the role in which you happened to be embodied in a dream. So, remember who you were:
  • Defendant – all your actions will be discussed soon;
  • Prosecutor – your family members suffer from your despotism;
  • Complainant – you will have showdown in personal relations;
  • Witness – you will have to answer for your mistakes;
  • Attorney – an important argument will end up with profit;
  • Judge – fast career growth.

As for Tsvetkov’s dream interpretation, he warns that there is public opinion set against you. Ill-wishers whom you consider your friends and business partners by mistake are plotting protests against you.

If you know for sure that your conscious is clear, this means you will be able to achieve desired results. Higher powers will be on the side of truth-sayer.

According to Loff, each individual story carries its own semantic load. It is important to recall what this or that court session was dedicated to.

Divorce proceedings

Do not worry – a real break in marital relations is not threatening you yet. You can say more - marriage will not suffer at all. However, it will be necessary to find out some controversial points that the dreamer did not want to notice up to date.

Criminal process

A dream about sitting on the dock should be considered separately, because you will soon become an object for gossip and slander. Someone will admire your actions, others will consider them absurd and stupid. One thing can be stated for sure - the last affairs and projects will not go unnoticed.

Court of Arbitration

Competitors are not asleep - wait for a call for a frank conversation on their part; be prepared for serious disputes, conflicts. Colleagues can also bring an unpleasant surprise, set you up at the right time.

Civil court

Excessive drama during a meeting may indicate fatigue of the nervous system. Many dream books tend to argue that it is time to rest both physically and mentally. It will be better if you find time for a full vacation.


It is worth fearing the machinations of enemies if you were convicted for what you did not commit in a dream. Someone clearly wants to control someone else's life, dictate their own rules.

Why does one dream of being in the jury in the dream book of Nostradamus? Someone who happened to see himself as a judge in a dream will be able to take an elected position. Trying on a mantle means taking on a huge responsibility for the fate of others.

If you dreamed of a lawsuit that you controlled - expect brilliant ups in your own career, creative success.

Sergii Haranenko
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