Viking Dream Meaning

In order to accurately determine the meaning of the dream in which the Vikings appear, let’s refer to the lexical meaning of the word Vikings: (Old Scand.), Scandinavians - participants in sea trade, plundering and conquest campaigns in the end of 8 – beginning of 11th century to European countries. In Russia they were called Varangians, in East Europe – Normans.

A dream in which the Vikings appear means that in the coming days you will need the ability to relax and not pay attention to irritants, especially small ones. It is better to avoid ill-wishers, try not to say too much and not do anything that could compromise you or be interpreted in an ambiguous way.

The meaning of a dream in which the Vikings are present can mean unsuccessful efforts and quarrels, but if you try not to get into conflict, then after a few days you will receive an unexpected reward for your patience.

Seeing a Viking in a dream indicates that you feel disturbed or conflicted in some way. You might be facing a confrontational situation.

Dreaming that you are a Viking represents an exploration of your subconscious thoughts, which also means that you are taking risks in some emotional relationship.

Sergii Haranenko
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