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The only pet that is not mentioned in the Bible is a cat.
People with higher IQ dream more often than others.
Not a single tear is like the other at the molecular level, nor is a snowflake. People make differently structured tears depending on the reason they cry. Emotions such as grief, guilt, sadness or happiness radically change the molecular structure of tears.
The easiest way to distinguish a vegetarian animal from a predator: in predators, the eyes are located on the front of the head to see the prey. Herbivores have eyes on both sides of the head to see the enemy.
People will believe everything if you say it in a whisper.
There are multi-colored sand dunes, consisting of 7 colors arranged in layers on the island of Mauritius. What’s interesting is that if a handful of sand is mixed in the palms, then the sands will still be divided by color spectra over time.
In order to make a kilogram of honey, a bee must fly around 2 million flowers.
Children are born without kneecaps. They appear only at the age of 2-6 years.
You can find at least seven people similar to each other like twins in the world.
In 1976, one person died from swine flu in the United States, and 25 people died from the vaccine invented to fight this infection.
There is a 24/7 telephone hotline in Germany that is open for calls by anyone who wants to "let off steam" - yelling at the operator for only ... 1.5 euros.
Human hair contains nanoparticles of gold.
The chief astrologer of the Third Reich Karl Ernst Kraft predicted the death of the liner "William Gustloff" in 1937, 8 years before the event. According to him, the ship will be ruined by the coincidence of three numbers: 30, 13 and 3. And that is what happened: the ship sank on the 30th of January from the impact of the S-13 submarine, which launched 3 torpedoes against it.
The grasshopper has white blood and lobster has blue blood.
Elephants and humans are the only mammals that can stand on their heads.
The moth has no stomach.
There are 1609 kilometers of capillaries in human lungs. And the surface area of the lungs is almost 100 square meters, which is approximately equal to the area of the tennis court.
A place where there is no cellular communication and the Internet, no Wi-Fi, television and radio - this is Green Bank in West Virginia, in the USA. Wireless data transmission is prohibited, since here in the radio astronomy observatory is located one of the largest telescopes in the world.
On average, a person spends two weeks of his life kissing.
Crocodiles swallow stones to stay longer under water while hunting.

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