Astrological Horoscope for 2020 for Gemini.

In January 2020, your motto will be the phrase: "Not a day without dating." And it's not that the Gemini has shortage of communication. It’s just that life will begin to throw you constantly together with the most unusual and interesting people you can imagine. Do not rush to use new connections for your own purposes (although there will be such temptation, because some of them can help in solving your long-standing problems). For now, gather information and strengthen relationships with small but pleasant signs of attention.

In the first half of the year work offers will shower on Gemini, from the abundance and “goodies” of which they may feel dizzy. The stars are very conservative in this matter and advise to storm new horizons with caution, in small steps, while maintaining a willingness to jump back. This situation will last until the second half of 2020: prospects will open in the old place, and this option is almost a win-win.

In the second half of the Year of the Metal Rat, stability and predictability will reign in your personal life. Perhaps by September some Gemini will feel tensed because of such a measured life and they will want passions. Before you dive into the whirlpool of a new romance you should weigh everything carefully: if your tricks open, a major conflict with a regular partner is possible, up to a break. Therefore, astrologers do not propose to circling yourselves and others with passions outside your relations, but to spend time on yourselves. Take care of your health, image, self-education - in general, fulfill your dreams.

In November - early December it will be time to show your organizational skills. Do not be afraid of responsibility - and in December there will be a chance to have business striking in its scope and potential profits. Contrary to tradition, you can not summarize: it is still very far from the final in all the processes that you started this year.

Love horoscope for Gemini in 2020.

This year is very likely to turn everything upside down in your life and feelings. Firstly, you can get so carried away that you forget about the goals you set earlier, your plans - you will completely fall under the influence of your loved one. Moreover, even existing stable relations will not be able to prevent this. You are ready to forget everything in order to surrender to new feelings and emotions. Also, the completely opposite option is not excluded - the beloved person himself will prefer someone else to you. In this case, you will experience and suffer for some time due to unrequited feelings, suffer from jealousy.

2020 is very dangerous for married Gemini, their partners, and for marriage in general - in this crucible of passions, old relationships are unlikely to survive. Or maybe your spouse will be imperfect - in 2020 he can commit such acts that will put an end to your relationship. Or you will try the role of Anna Karenina yourself, falling in love with a person who will seem much more attractive, strong and reliable to you. There will be difficulties anyway.

If you are in a search, then the search for happiness will not last long - the beloved is already near you and really wants to get to know even closer. Most likely, you just met before the New Year. Your relations will develop very quickly. Well, it’s true, if you feel that you are ideally suited to each other, why wasting the time? Of course, there will still be obstacles on your joint path — perhaps a different upbringing, an idea of ​​how to live, etc. But by the end of the year, all these differences will smooth out and you will meet the next, 2021 New Year together. Perhaps already being legally married.

Career and Financial horoscope for 2020 for Gemini.

In 2020 you will spend a lot, and not only on yourself. Stylish clothes, designer jewelry, expensive interior items, luxurious gifts for loved ones - these are the main expense items. Fortunately, the income promises to be considerable, so that money is enough to satisfy all your desires. The largest purchases are best made from the second half of April until the beginning of summer or from the second half of November to the first half of December.

January and the beginning of February are not the time for serious spending. For these months, it is better to introduce a saving mode and accumulate funds.

Do not make any debts, even the smallest ones, until the second half of April. You will have enough of your own funds for basic needs, and it’s better to postpone expensive entertainment and shopping for the soul until mid-spring. In the last days of March, do not let other people's money be in your hands. Being under the pressure of the aspect of the planets, you can become distracted and lose it.

From the second half of April to the beginning of summer, salary increases at the main place of work are likely. The aspect of the planets that is being formed will allow circumstances to develop in your favor. These days you can expect great success and, consequently, the goodwill of the management. The result will be a proposal to enter a new position with a higher salary or a large bonus.

Costs associated with home improvement should be planned for August. Think the interior design over, buy beautiful things. If you decide on a small repair, hire workers. Paying for their labor will not make holes in your budget.

Good luck in gambling awaits you in the third half of October. Income will not be very large. But what is happening will entertain you and make you believe in your lucky star. On the same days you can buy a couple of lottery tickets.

Family horoscope for Gemini for 2020.

Do not transfer commander habits to family relationships, show more tenderness and warmth.

Gemini of the first decade (birth dates 21.05 - 31.05)

Family Gemini are waiting for changes in everyday life: repairs, grand alterations, moving to new housing. Do not be categorical and stubborn, otherwise you will remain alone. Raise your children, do homework together, go with the whole family to older relatives.

Gemini of the second decade (dates of birth 1.06 - 10.06)

Gemini are workaholics. You should get out of business and dive into the family. Get out into the countryside, and at the end of summer try to go to the sea with the whole family, leaving your phone and computer at home. Buy not only useful things for your home, but also gifts for children and relatives.

Gemini of the third decade (dates of birth 11.06 - 21.06)

You should avoid light romance and flirting, otherwise you will spoil the relationship in the family so that it comes to a divorce. And this will affect both business and financial spheres.

Health Horoscope for Gemini in 2020.

You should respond to the slightest ailment, a neglected problem is much more difficult to solve.

The first decade of the sign (May 21 - May 31)

You will be in time, do not eat on the run, do not violate the diet, otherwise you will have stomach problems. And an ulcer or colitis can frustrate your plans. You should eat healthy foods, give up alcohol and finally go in for sports. You just do not need to lift weights - the spine is at risk. Stretch and strengthen your back muscles, monitor your posture.

The second decade of the sign (1.06 - 10.06)

In the spring after heavy winter feasts, liver problems may worsen. You should do prevention, visit a specialist, go through the necessary procedures. On vacation try to go to the resort and get treatment for this organ. And stop being angry: the liver is the repository of anger and rage. You need a diet, relaxation procedures, a positive attitude towards the world and surrounding people.

The third decade of the sign (11.06 - 21.06)

Overwork at work can provoke nervous breakdowns. You should protect your nervous system from stress. Exercise, walk more and get enough sleep. Be sure to listen to the opinion of a personal trainer: you need exercises to strengthen your back muscles and stretching. Introduce protein and sour-milk products into the diet, forget about heavy food. Drink more water, remove salt from the body, limit your intake of sugar.

Astrological Horoscope for 2020 according to Gemini year of birth.

Horoscope for 2020 Gemini-Rat

In the coming year, new prospects will open up for you in the professional field. But you will have to take the initiative for this to come true. If you curb your ambitions and do not succumb to negative emotions, you will have the opportunity to advance significantly on career ladder. You will have attractive love energy. Single Gemini Rats can expect long-term romantic relationships and delightful love experiences. It will not hurt the married representatives of the sign to bring fresh colors to the relationship with their partner.

Horoscope for 2020 Gemini-Ox

Think of 2020 as a kind of final stage before starting a new life cycle. You will have to work hard to establish partnerships, which will become a reliable support in business in the future. Some Bull Gemini will have to change jobs. If you feel that change in the professional field cannot be avoided, do not delay making an important decision. Try to do this before the end of spring. The second half of the year is a rather contradictory time, fraught with a host of problems and difficulties.

Horoscope for 2020 Gemini -Tiger

The Year of the Rat will be full of various and unexpected events. Before proceeding with the solution of emerging problems, it is necessary to determine the amount of work ahead. Awareness of what remains to be done will allow you to distribute your forces competently and direct energy to the most complex issues. At the beginning of the year, disagreements with your beloved person may arise, and a lot of effort will be required from you so that a conflict does not flare up that could lead to a break in relations. But if you sit down at the negotiating table, the thunderclouds will dissipate quickly.

Horoscope for 2020 Gemini-Cat (Rabbit)

Many representatives of this combination of signs in the year of the Metal Rat risk running into obstacles to the fulfilling of their ideas, to the realization of desires. You should solve your issues on your own and protect your personal space from encroachments from the outside, whether it's just acquaintances or even close relatives. Do not let out emotions based on inaccurate information. Do not try to restore old relationships - a return to old feelings is deadlocked and can bring old grievances, suspicions and unresolved problems.

Horoscope for 2020 Gemini-Dragon

2020 is a good period for professional achievements. Your intellectual activity will break all the records, which will allow you to accelerate your career and even take a higher position. You should try to communicate as much as possible, because the path to success can be suggested by your good friends and relatives. Surround yourself with positive people, and drive away whiners. Your friends will be able to motivate you to accomplishments. An incentive is what will make you move, develop, reach new heights.

Horoscope for 2020 Gemini-Snake

In 2020 you will find a large number of changes that will occur in various areas of your business. You should distribute your forces and energy in advance. If the current state of affairs does not suit you, you can start all over again and lay a solid foundation for the implementation of your plans. Relatives and friends can help. Someone is waiting for new romantic relations. The marriage taken this year promises to be long and strong. Family representatives of this combination of signs do not expect any disappointment. The main thing is to take good care of your own health.

Horoscope for 2020 Gemini-Horse

There comes a bright and quite significant time in your life. It is necessary to replenish the knowledge base constantly. The wider your horizons are, the easier it will be for you to make your way. Do not return to those issues that have already been resolved, do not go around in circles. Pay attention even to small details, adopt the experience of other people and do not focus on obstacles. If you are optimistic and want improvements not only in dreams, but also in reality, then go ahead, and changes for the better will not take long.

Horoscope for 2020 Gemini-Goat (Sheep)

Everything that you plan for the New year 2020 can be fulfilled almost without obstacles. You will feel that you can roll mountains, and your energy, beating over the edge, will inspire optimism and confidence in tomorrow. Even failure will not be an obstacle to the fulfillment of your desires. No serious money problems are foreseen. Be diligent and patient, go about your business and continue to do what you started. The necessary funds and support will come on time, and with the proper approach, even obstacles will be useful.

Horoscope for 2020 Gemini-Monkey

In the coming year some ambitious goals of a professional or personal nature will come to your attention. The influx of vitality will help increase your authority and enthusiasm. Many of the problems that worried you for a long time will disappear or go far into the background. You can enlist the support of the right people. In the implementation of the plan, you should rely on your own experience and personal charm. Try to avoid conflicts and open disagreements. You will find many memorable events and vivid emotions in heart affairs.

Horoscope for 2020 Gemini-Rooster

If something does not suit you, then in the New year you should get yourself together and start all over from scratch. In order to change the situation for the better radically, you need to soberly evaluate the events, carefully weigh the decisions made, think over plans for the near future and carefully consider the budget of possible financial revenues and upcoming expenses. Your efforts will not go unnoticed, and soon you will reap the benefits of your labors. This year is quite suitable for creating a family and new relationships.

Horoscope for 2020 Gemini-Dog

You will need agility, dexterity, the ability to calculate the possible result. It is possible that you make mistakes somewhere, but having carefully analyzed and considered everything, you can easily correct your miscalculations and eliminate the shortcomings, as well as gain invaluable life experience. If you keep yourself in good physical shape, then you will have enough strength to carry out almost all of your plans. Of course, a lot depends on the people who surround you, so try to communicate only with those in whom you are sure.

Horoscope for 2020 Gemini-Pig (Boar)

Even if you encounter any problems in the coming year, do not worry - everything will settle down, and you do not even have to make serious efforts to do this. You should not worry in vain, but take useful experience from what is happening that will not allow you to repeat mistakes in the future. In family life everything should be cloudless. Be more careful and caring with people who live with you under one roof. Those who are single will be able to significantly expand their social circle. Perhaps a new love will appear that will change your life for the better.

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