Astrological Horoscope for 2020 for Leo

The beginning of the new 2020 Lions will meet in their usual role of fatal beauties. The representatives of the opposite sex will flock to you in shoals - and, which is typical, without any effort on your part. Moreover, the Lions themselves will not lose one iota of sobriety of the mind and clarity of reason in January. And this is good. Smiling at the right time for the right person, you have a chance to make a dizzying jerk in your career, so you should smile more often.

In the first half of the year Lions will have to show their teeth. Some of the colleagues will wish to take advantage of your reliability for their own purposes, and it will have to be resolutely put in place. The situation will have an unexpected side effect: the bosses will witness the struggle, and they will appreciate your ability to stand up for yourself. The stars advise: feel free to demand a salary raise from the surprised boss and an additional vacation - you will get everything.

In the second half of the Year of the Metal Rat Leos will have a goal to achieve which they will have to work for a long time. They will have to sacrifice free time and abandon entertainment. But you can easily endure the lack of rest due to good health and patience. In real estate transactions you can afford a little risk - it will be justified. Additional chores will be brought by elderly relatives who may have impaired health.

The end of the year is expected to be calm and measured. Such rhythm not being your habit, you will begin to regularly rush to accelerate the pace, grabbing at either extra work, or at some kind of extra obligation to relatives. But the new nodes will unravel with amazing ease, so you will have to not only put up with a leisurely, even slowed down existence, but also learn how to enjoy it. This will allow you to see the picture of your life clearly and understand what exactly you are missing for complete happiness. Feel free to write down the tasks for the next year - the more this plan is fixed, the higher are the chances of its implementation.

Love horoscope for Leo in 2020.

In love relationship you tend to stay on the same shores. However, one exception is possible: if the gentleman uses flattery, you may not be able to resist. The fact is that you felt infringed on the relationship and deprived of the attention of your partner in previous years, so if someone recognizes your merits now, he will immediately become at least your best friend. But in fact, the danger of adultery or serious new relationships this year with Leos tends to zero, so your partner may not worry about you and your love.

For Leo, who sincerely loves his spouse, even the thought of treason is truly impossible. This year you will also have full understanding with your husband, and you won’t look around. We must pay tribute to your spouse: he will treat you with great respect and will never allow himself even a slight flirt with someone else. Firstly, he considers you a much more interesting companion than anyone else, and secondly, he is well aware that such pranks are simply unsafe with you.

Single Leos can frolic and flirt with many people, but no one will seriously touch your heart. Probably deep inside you feel that you have not yet met that one, the only one. Which, however, will not prevent you from meeting with those who seem especially attractive to you. Most likely these will be men who know how to say subtle and smart compliments, and indeed, are smart enough to understand and share your interests.

In 2020, you will be active enough, you can meet a loved one: perhaps this will happen on a trip. You can be united by study, work or sport.

Career and Financial horoscope for 2020 for Leo.

The year will begin stormily and you must catch this wave, otherwise it will be difficult to maintain your financial well-being. There is no time for buildup, from the very first days of the New year, stars will require you to give your full energy. But quickly joining the cycle of affairs, you will feel the first results of your work already at the end of the first month. This period is successful for large transactions and signing promising agreements, the main thing is not to miss the opportunity and act, and you will have enough natural energy.

At the beginning of spring you can receive a gift or financial assistance - be able to accept it without further questions. Moreover, this money will be very appropriate for you: in the middle of spring, unexpected expenses or some financial losses are possible, which will need to be replenished.

If you plan to give someone an expensive and practical gift, it is worth buying it in the second half of June. In this case you are likely to be able to purchase a useful item at the best price.

In the middle of summer planets will strengthen your responsibility and efficiency, increase the accuracy of your financial calculations. However, your partners are likely to be more stubborn during this period, you will have to spend a lot of time to convince them that you are right.

If you have been planning to ask the employer to increase your salary for a long time, it's time to do it in August. During this period, you will be more convincing than ever, and leadership will imbue your wishes. By the way, if you ask not only for yourself, most likely, they will also hear you, and at the same time your leadership positions in the team will be significantly strengthened.

In the autumn, after long work, you will finally complete the team project, for which you will receive a good reward. However, do not let go the earned money on spontaneous acquisitions. All operations with money in the fall should be carefully thought out; investments in risky projects are unacceptable.

At the end of the year, you are likely to make a major purchase for which you saved up during all previous months. The acquisition will be successful if you make it in the first half of December.

Family horoscope for Leo for 2020.

It is necessary to deal not only with life and finances, but also to educate your children.

Leo of the first decade (dates of birth 23.07 - 1.08)

They will try to blame you on all problems and responsibilities - quarrels on this basis can lead to a breakdown in relations. Do not follow the partner’s lead; you should not pull and solve everything yourself. You should do your business and protect your health.

Leo of the second decade (birth dates 2.08 - 12.08)

Family Leos will want changes. You should start with yourself! Go to the salon, change your hairstyle, change your wardrobe - your husband will definitely appreciate your efforts. Be more tolerant, show the best qualities of your soul, and the crisis in your personal life will be replaced by harmony.

Leo of the third decade (birth dates 13.08 - 23.08)

You should get outdoors with the whole family as often as possible, it would be nice to get a pet. Spend more time with children, because a computer will not replace mom and live communication. Read, draw, discuss books and films, play sports. Arrange holidays without a reason, visit your parents.

Health Horoscope for Leo in 2020.

Take care of you physical and emotional state, level out manifestations of stress.

The first decade of the sign (23.07 - 1.08)

Leo usually do not pay due attention to their health. And they should. The year will be eventful and difficult, and during periods of exertion, you should think about maintaining your nervous system. At the end of winter, there is a risk of injury in an emergency situation - be careful while driving. In the summer, try to give up flights and travel by car.

The second decade of the sign (2.08 - 12.08)

From constant business trips your health can be shaken, and even a commonplace cold will be enough to put you to bed for a long time. If you feel emotional or physical exhaustion - do yoga or read a paper book: you need loneliness in small quantities. Do what relaxes you, gives you pleasure.

The third decade of the sign (13.08 - 23.08)

After the winter holidays you should critically evaluate your reflection in the mirror. Are you upset with overweight, dull skin and hair? It's time to take care of yourself. Carry out an audit in the refrigerator, leave only dairy products, fruits and vegetables and herbs. Replace pork with diet turkey or veal. Drink vitamin smoothies and fresh juices, eat baked apples, seasonal vegetable salads with olive oil. Cleanse the liver, unload your digestive tract. And also swim, ski, run - get the most out of life.

Astrological Horoscope for 2020 according to Leo year of birth.

Horoscope for 2020 Leo-Rat

Your life will be filled with bright colors, new impressions and pleasant experiences. Throughout the year, you will feel a fairly high level of energy in yourself, so put all your strength into the embodiment of your goals and objectives. And you will be able to handle almost any business that you take up. But remember that you should not rush to conclusions and make decisions caused by impulsive and unweighted impulses. If you do not begin to risk in vain, you can improve your financial situation.

Horoscope for 2020 Leo-Ox

Some 2020 events can make you worry. In order not to burn out ahead of time and not to lose the taste for life, you need to try to create the conditions yourself, which would allow you to relax, restore your energy and tune in a positive way. Take care of yourself, try to lead a healthy lifestyle, and don’t overwork. In a romantic relationship, you tend to idealize your partner. However, do not rush to deceive yourself. In fact, a person may not be at all what you imagine him to be.

Horoscope for 2020 Leo-Tiger

It cannot be said that the whole year will pass smoothly and without obstacles. In the first quarter, any changes can complicate the state of your affairs, so do not make fateful decisions until the end of spring. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into dubious matters, as luck may turn away. Maybe someone wants to take advantage of your connections or money. All offers must be carefully checked. Do not take part in risky events. At the beginning of the year, you should be careful on the roads, because at this time the probability of accidents and injuries is high.

Horoscope for 2020 Leo-Cat (Rabbit)

It is unlikely that the coming year will be eventful. You should limit yourself to summing up the results of previous activities. Try not to save up unsolved tasks. Otherwise, one fine day a whole bunch of unresolved tasks will fall on you, which can be raked for months. In your personal sphere you will be given a chance to correct earlier mistakes. But this applies to couples who want to maintain a family hearth and value relationships with a partner. Try not to listen to what they say, especially if they are trying to set you up against a loved one.

Horoscope for 2020 Leo-Dragon

Many representatives of this combination of signs can expect a pleasant change. To a greater extent, this applies to professional activities. Establishing useful contacts, making new friends, developing partnerships and friendships are an important component of your success. Run away from those who do not believe in you and say that you will not achieve your goals. As a rule, such people are losers themselves, and communication with them will not bring anything useful. Marital and love relationships will be based on mutual tenderness, understanding and willingness to make concessions.

Horoscope for 2020 Leo-Snake

In 2020 you need to be flexible and wise, because depending on the circumstances, you will have to change your positions and views. In the business sphere and personal life, it is possible to form alliances, as well as sign important agreements, including financial ones. This will bring good income and will replenish the family budget. If difficulties arise on your way, do not give up in any case, but tell yourself that you can cope with any tasks - and you will succeed.

Horoscope for 2020 Leo-Horse

The coming year should be a rather favorable period. You may be given opportunities to improve your living conditions and take a step towards your dream. Your financial situation may improve. Although a lot will depend on you: whether you want to make full use of the opportunities provided or will you be content with little. If you are going to move to another place of work or are looking for a new application for your talents, it is best to start implementing these plans no earlier than the end of July.

Horoscope for 2020 Leo-Goat (Sheep)

Significant changes await you in many areas, most of which will delight you. Of course, it cannot be said that you will not make any effort to do this. All positive changes will be the result of your determination and painstaking work. Just be consistent in your actions. If you started something, bring it to the end. If you have not yet found a state of balance in your personal plan, then in 2020 you will be able to expand your circle of acquaintances significantly, and it is possible that you can meet your only one beloved person.

Horoscope for 2020 Leo-Monkey

2020 is the right time for any business requiring initiative, decisiveness and strong-willed efforts. You should not turn off the selected path. A lot of time will be spent communicating with relatives, friends, neighbors and just good friends. Someone will be in dire need of your help or advice. And you will receive moral satisfaction from the fact that you can be useful. But keep in mind that if financial assistance is required, especially if a considerable amount of debt is requested, it is better to refrain. This will help you avoid losses and disappointments.

Horoscope for 2020 Leo-Rooster

In the Year of the Metal Rat, try to keep the situation under control and in any case, remain the master of the situation. Perhaps sometimes you do not want to defend your opinion, and you will be ready to retreat in front of the obstacles that have arisen, but do not rush to capitulate. Think about the situation, persevere, and you will achieve significant results. Just do not confuse your work and personal relationships, or rather, do not bring tension, which will periodically occur at work into the house. Long trips will be successful.

Horoscope for 2020 Leo-Dog

2020 promises to be a busy period when you can do a lot, fulfill your ideas and succeed in various areas of life. You will be able to prove yourself well in any team and, thanks to your openness, friendliness and sense of humor, find an approach to the right people. You will find support among relatives, acquaintances or just good friends. Lonely Leos Dogs should visit entertainment events more often, where there will be a very high probability of a romantic acquaintance.

Horoscope for 2020 Leo-Pig (Boar)

In the Year of the White Rat you will be full of strength and energy and thanks to this you can improve the quality of your life significantly. If you want to feel calm and confident, you need to clearly think through each stage of your activity, develop a plan for the implementation of ideas and firmly follow it. Do not grab onto all the offers, and carefully select only the most interesting and promising ones. If it is difficult for you to understand the situation, feel free to involve colleagues, specialists, relatives and friends in solving the problems. There is safety in numbers!

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