Astrological Horoscope for 2020 for Libra.

You did a great job at the end of 2019 - not only at work, but also on yourself, and in January 2020 others will appreciate your attractiveness, wit and business qualities. Enjoy a well-deserved reputation, but do not forget to work hard to maintain the achieved level. To do this, try not to ask unnecessary questions, not impose your opinion and, of course, to take care of your health and appearance. In the middle of winter, fate prepared a surprise for you in the form of an old acquaintance who would suddenly come up with an interesting offer - business or personal one. It is up to you whether to agree or not, but remember: everything new is always well forgotten old.

In the first half of the year, gifts, trips, meetings, recognition and intriguing offers await you. Unfortunately, a surge of emotions threatens to devastate you to the bottom. To avoid a crisis that may happen in the spring, try to get a little out of your current affairs. Imagine that you are not the main character in your life, but an outside observer. Of course, you can rejoice and be upset, but no more than watching the hero of your favorite movie. Just do not forget to take this mask off in front of your loved one: sincere emotions on the personal front will be a blessing for you and for relationships.

Many Libras will start the second half of the Year of the Metal Rat with thoughts about whether they made a mistake in choosing a profession. Do not worry: problems at work are temporary and do not mean that you are a poor specialist. By the end of summer you will literally gush with new ideas. If you convince the management to implement at least one of your ideas, you will lay the foundations of a very comfortable existence for years to come. In personal life, too, there is something to reflect on. Lonely Libra will find that partners change indecently often, and married people will catch up, because relationships with a loved one have become cooler. The situation must be resolved promptly and radically, otherwise the loneliness that Libra can bear with great difficulty will loom on the horizon.

In December Libras will lead a calm, measured life and devote much time to self-improvement. It is likely that friends and relatives will not understand your self-deepening and will begin to move away. The best way out of the situation is a new common business, in which you and your relatives should participate on an equal footing. This is not necessarily about business. Sign up to the gym together, on acting courses, at the school of young fathers or any other club of interests. Those Libra who have not yet found a life partner, need to be careful - at the end of the year you will receive more than a transparent clue where exactly to look for your only one.

Love horoscope for Libra in 2020.

This year, Libra may be prone to experiments in love - both psychological and physical. The main thing is to find a person with whom you could realize your fantasies. But do not hesitate: he will certainly be found. Perhaps he is now among your friends, pals or colleagues. Take a closer look at your surroundings - and you will certainly find a suitable companion, at least for this year.

Family Libra can be expecting complete stability in love and feelings. You do not want new adventures - you are quite happy with your spouse. And if you are not yet officially married to him, then the relationship will become almost family. Perhaps, your relatives used to take your loved one with hostility, but now they favorably "accept him in the family." In general, this year the opinions of relatives will play an important role in your personal life. If you are an obedient daughter (or a loving son), then thanks to the stars you can count on full understanding from family members, even if your partner is an unusual person and does not fit into their usual framework.

Libra, with all his loyalty and devotion to one partner, will not be able to refuse looking around this year: suddenly there is someone nearby who is much more interesting than their current boyfriend. And if you are free from any relationship, then there are no barriers to this at all. In search of love and adventure you will often be in the company of friends. You can change your partner twice or thrice this year, because you are now rather frivolous in matters of feelings. But, fortunately, you are always careful enough in communication: Libras are very clean and afraid of diseases and infections.

Career and Financial horoscope for 2020 for Libra.

Financially the stars promise a favorable year, provided that you work hard. If you are subordinate, do not be afraid of difficult tasks and assignments. Your efforts will be noticed and encouraged by management - an increase in salary, a bonus or a new, more prestigious position can be offered to you at the end of March. If you enter the top management, get ready for the fact that for the successful work of your company you will have to solve many problems yourself this year, without putting them on the shoulders of subordinates. This will require huge efforts from you, but the company's revenues and, accordingly, your results will increase significantly.

An increase in spending is possible in the spring. However, you will make money pretty quickly and close the gap - an additional source of income may appear in the last month of spring.

In early summer, you will begin work on a new project that will bring good profit. Try to tackle it from the first days of summer, in order to avoid delays and misunderstanding between business partners.

From the beginning of August to mid-September, it is not recommended to play any lotteries and participate in any events where easy money is promised - the pragmatic Libra, whose sign activates the planets, does not promise good luck to gamers and favors only those who work hard.

In November you should be very careful about money. With this aspect of the planets, very often various kinds of fraud occur, so be wary of all offers. In addition, in this and the next few days you will be full of energy and bold ideas that require serious investments that scammers will immediately want to realize. It is very important that at this time there is a wise friend next to you who will support you in promising endeavors, but will be able to dissuade you from rash steps if necessary.

Family horoscope for Libra for 2020.

When climbing the career ladder, do not forget about the family, otherwise you will be left alone after a showdown.

Libra of the first decade (dates of birth 24.09 - 3.10)

The year will be stormy. Relatives, children, grandchildren, repair – there will be plenty of chores. Libra wants to expand or reschedule housing, change furniture. Do not try doing everything yourself - consult with specialists. Do not postpone domestic problems and do not squander - why do you need quarrels?

Libra of the second decade (dates of birth 4.10 - 13.10)

Take care of the upbringing and education of children, especially if these are future students - look for courses or a tutor in advance. Older relatives may need financial assistance for treatment. Try to do without loans and debts.

Libra of the third decade (dates of birth 14.10 - 23.10)

Do not get hung up on a career, a family is more important. Relations can be heated and due to problems with finances, a frank conversation will save the situation. Take your family members outside or get to the summer house more often.

Health Horoscope for Libra in 2020.

Beware of drafts and colds, and with exacerbation of chronic diseases, immediately consult a specialist.

First decade of the sign (24.09 - 3.10)

To maintain health, Libra does not have to travel to distant countries, you can relieve stress in the country, by the river or in the forest. Dig in the garden, take care of the orchard, fish and pick mushrooms. Rest, relax and save energy. Saturate your body with vitamins all year round and strengthen your immune system. In the off-season and from overwork, chronic ailments can worsen, take care of prevention.

The second decade of the sign (4.10 - 13.10)

The year will be quite stressful and hectic. But you should not forget about your health. Do not work until night and do not sit at the computer all day long, try not to freeze - kidneys and genitals are under attack. Establish a drinking regimen, drink diuretic herbs, strengthen your back muscles.

The third decade of the sign (14.10 - 23.10)

In the fall, Libra may experience spleen attacks. You can get rid of it will help routine household chores or hands on the job. To cheer you up, spend your free time in the gym - and endorphin release is guaranteed. It is not necessary to go to an expensive sports club - a treadmill in the park or at the stadium is enough. There may be problems with the digestive system - eat 5-6 times a day in small portions.

Astrological Horoscope for 2020 according to Libra year of birth.

Horoscope for 2020 Libra-Rat

An extremely fruitful year awaits many Rat-Libra. You should summarize and analyze the results of the past period in order to identify and correct errors that impede your further development. A special role in the implementation of your plans can be played by friends and like-minded people. Year of the Rat will give you a lot of useful acquaintances, meetings, trips and travels. For many lovers and couples, feelings will intensify, bringing a lot of joyful moments. The marriage made this year promises to be long and strong.

Horoscope for 2020 Libra-Ox

Change will accompany you in the first half of the year. But rejoicing in success, you should not forget about caution. Starting in May, you need to stay away from risky and adventurous affairs. During this period, you can easily get into the network of dishonest people, from which it will be very difficult to get out. Libra-Bulls not burdened with solving global problems, will be in search of romantic adventures. You should expand your circle of interests, spend more time in the company of friends, and the person who will become your destiny will not pass by.

Horoscope for 2020 Libra-Tiger

Stars advise the Libra Tigers in 2020 not to relax. Try to act consistently, to bring all the things you have begun to a logical conclusion. This is the only way to achieve your goals. In the first half of the year, be careful in all matters and affairs, because at this time you can attract people who hide envy under the guise of goodwill. Also during this period, caution should be exercised when investing money. The second half of the year should be more favorable.

Horoscope for 2020 Libra-Cat (Rabbit)

Typical representatives of this combination of signs will not want to waste time and will try to spend this year with benefit for themselves. It is advisable to solve all problems as they arise, without delay. Otherwise, they will accumulate, and you will not be able to cope with them on their own. For married and couples existing for a long time, it’s time to review their relationship. In order not to disagree with others, try not to go too far, not to conflict and forget about past grievances.

Horoscope for 2020 Libra-Dragon

In the year of the White Rat, you will be able to cope with many issues. Maybe other people will experience difficulties at work, but not you. It is important to create a solid base for new things. You will be determined to move forward and overcome any obstacles on your path. The coming year is successful in terms of personal and family relationships. In order to find inner harmony and meet a worthy person, you need to escape from professional affairs and look around. And your chosen one or darling will certainly come into view.

Horoscope for 2020 Libra-Snake

2020 may be successful, but for this you will have to try and show yourself from the best side. You must be able to maneuver, feel the atmosphere and mood of those on whom you depend to one degree or another. Intuition will help you avoid unnecessary worries and doubts. You have the strength to complete what you started successfully. In affairs of love, many representatives of this combination will be lucky. People who are free from marriage, will have more opportunities to broaden their horizons, chat with friends and have new romantic hobbies.

Horoscope for 2020 Libra-Horse

In 2020 much of what you planned will be fulfilled with brilliance. To a greater extent this applies to the business sector. Professional success will affect those who are not content with little, and strive for high results. We can say that the year of the White Rat will mainly patronize the most active Libras born in the year of the Horse. You may feel visible or invisible leadership support. When searching for earnings, do not give in to the temptation to get easy money.

Horoscope for 2020 Libra-Goat (Sheep)

Try to plan the most significant tasks that require tension, concentration of effort and diligence from you for the first half of the year. At this time, you will have a desire to demonstrate your business activity, the ability to find a way out of any deadlock situations, to engage in the development of previously begun business, finding a new, more effective approach to them. These qualities will allow you to fulfill your plans and attract new people to solve professional as well as financial issues.

Horoscope for 2020 Libra-Monkey

In the year of the Metal Rat you will find many pleasant events and news that will affect your professional activities, personal life, as well as finances. If you don’t hope for a miracle, you can estimate your strengths and prospects properly. Such a sober look and the ability to calculate the situation a few moves ahead will strengthen your financial well-being, which, in turn, will become a source of inspiration for further growth. If love still does not live in your heart, then this year is likely to give you a surprise.

Horoscope for 2020 Libra-Rooster

In 2020 you can make a confident step into the future, rise to a higher level in the main areas of your activity. Of course, this will be associated with increased energy costs, emotional stress, but when you see the results of your work, you will be satisfied with your victories. In material terms, the year promises to develop quite successfully, but under condition that you take good care of money. There will be an opportunity to increase your income, but the important thing is how you decide to deal with the earned funds.

Horoscope for 2020 Libra-Dog

The Year of the Rat is an opportune time to start a new long-term romance or business partnership, as well as to create harmonious relationships with others. You will want to learn something new. All this can serve as a good incentive to professional development and self-education. In the personal life of lonely Dog Libra, pleasant changes will appear. Extraordinary charm, gaiety of temper and wit will attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Horoscope for 2020 Libra-Pig (Boar)

You should leave the doubt behind. Try to determine the goals, evaluate them in terms of the reality of implementation and compliance with your capabilities. Thoroughly think through all, even the most insignificant details associated with the solution of the task. Start with the lightest. Try to let go of something that you can’t change. In your personal life, you are unlikely to encounter drastic changes. Most likely, you will feel peaceful, and your loved ones will try to do everything in their power so that the sense of harmony and tranquility is not disturbed.

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