Astrological Horoscope for 2020 for Sagittarius.

The beginning of the new 2020 runs the risk of starting with a puzzle called “Where to get the money?” The cause of financial instability, most likely, will be the prolonged holidays with feasts and your immoderate generosity in terms of gifts - both to yourself and friends, and unfamiliar people whom you want to impress. Just don’t panic and do not try to quit in order to plunge into a more financially “tasty”, at first glance, project: one sudden movement - and now you are already without your old job, and the new one has evaporated somewhere.

The first half of the year will require remarkable organizational abilities from you. To solve the tasks efficiently and in the shortest possible time, you have to take on the role of commander - both at work and at home. The main thing is to smile affectionately and bite your tongue in time: caustic remarks and criticism can greatly hurt your colleagues and loved ones, which obviously will not benefit the situation.

In the second half of the Year of the Metal Rat at work there will be a slight downtime, but no matter how boring, this will not affect your wallet. But clouds will begin to gather at home. Your soaring in the clouds in the first half of the year did not go unnoticed, and your second half will require attention in a categorical form. Try to satisfy your life partner as soon as possible, otherwise the conflict risks becoming catastrophic.

If you do everything right, harmony will return to your home by mid-autumn. The friendly atmosphere will allow you to relax and slow down. This is an ideal time for planning the future, and it is worth using it, because for the traditional period of construction of plans - December - you again have a funny obstacle course. Disruptions in schedules, minor accidents in everyday life, breakdown of equipment, detection of defective goods are possible ... Calm, only stay calm! The quest, that is, a year, is coming to an end, and it will end with the promised big surprise. A marriage proposal, keys to an apartment, a residence permit in another country, a long-awaited pregnancy are possible. In late December, even the biggest dream has chances for a “coming true”. Do not forget to dream!

Love horoscope for Sagittarius in 2020.

The love storms that will fly over you in 2020 will be comparable to a natural disaster. And all because of the position of the planets. You will feel like the heroine of a novel, which, in order to preserve her happiness, needs to be resourceful and courageous. But in general, everything is natural, you will change, your attitude to love will change, you will want new meetings and impressions, and a new person will appear next to you - and most likely, not even one, you will have a wide choice.

For family Sagittarius this year is a turning point for your marriage. Either you will overcome all differences and become stronger, or, unfortunately, your paths will diverge. There is a great chance that you have long been burdened by this union and you were waiting for a reason to leave. Or you will look at your partner with “new look” and see that you are not going the same way. Do not worry. All changes are for the better. Do not cling to the past – you have to go forward. And getting upset about the upcoming changes is also not worth it.

For single representatives of this sign this year is one of the few periods when strong and mutual love awaits you. It happens like this - you meet, look into each other's eyes and realize that it is forever. But the first meeting may not make you happy because of the aspects of the planets. Perhaps it will happen under some obscure circumstances. Or obstacles will arise between you and your beloved, the machinations of envious and ill-wishers will interfere. One way or another, you will feel that now it is in your power to roll down the mountains, and you have complete control over the situation. By the end of the year you will be happy, loved and begin to prepare for the wedding. It is important to use the chance that fate gives you to the maximum, do not miss the unique opportunity to make your life happy and the life of your chosen one.

Career and Financial horoscope for 2020 for Sagittarius.

In 2020 you will manage your money more wise than usual. This will allow you to accumulate a considerable amount, and in the spring or autumn to make a major purchase that you have long dreamed about. Earnings promise to be stable, no useless expenses are expected. Stars advise expanding the field of activity in the spring for additional income.

Your ability to plan your budget wisely will come in handy in the first months of the year. Save money, be content with little. Even if a significant amount comes to you, do not rush to spend it. From the beginning of spring, the aspect of the planets will teach you how to avoid unnecessary expenses and at the same time not offend anyone around.

In the spring you will receive 2-3 job offers. Think carefully and agree only to one of them. If you take up several tasks at once, you will most likely fail the deadlines and get less than expected. The most promising financial plan will be a project in which you will be invited in mid-March or in the first half of April.

Keep your family members under control in the summer season. Just try not to offend anyone with excessive rigor and categorical judgments. Express your point of view on financial affairs confidently, but without unnecessary emotions.

The period from early September to November is good for a variety of purchases. Get home goods, sports equipment, clothes and jewelry. In the first half of October, do not give in to the desire to buy a used, but still expensive item. The leading aspect of this time does not favor such deals.

The peak of financial prosperity can be expected from the second half of November to the end of the year. Due to the influence of the planets, your account is likely to receive a large amount. You can save or spend a quarter of the money received for personal needs. Put the remaining money into circulation.

Family horoscope for Sagittarius for 2020.

It is important not to forget about relatives, maintain good relationships and devote more time to children.

Sagittarius of the first decade (dates of birth 23.11 - 2.12)

Sagittarius is the most family zodiac sign; he appreciates comfort, care, and honors traditions. This year Sagittarius needs to take care of the house - to make repairs, throw out trash, and maybe buy a house. They will get down to business with enthusiasm, the main thing is not to drag everything alone, hiding their plans from loved ones. You should connect you relatives to the process.

Sagittarius of the second decade (dates of birth 3.12 - 12.12)

This year replenishment in the family is possible. For pleasant chores do not forget about your soulmate. Go on dates, devote time to each other. And you can invite grandparents as nanny, they will be happy to help. Lonely Sagittarius will seriously think about changing their status. And this is very correct: this year there is every chance to create a strong family.

Sagittarius of the third decade (dates of birth 13.12 - 21.12)

Spring and summer are a period of complete idyll. But the end of autumn is a critical time for family relationships. Do not accumulate discontent and do not keep silent about your problems. And try not to spend all your earnings, save or invest in the purchase of real estate. If you need a large amount - contact relatives. By the end of the year, things will get better.

Health Horoscope for Sagittarius in 2020.

Your health is in your hands. Take care of yourself, just do not get tempered at the change of seasons.

The first decade of the sign (23.11 - 2.12)

This year at Sagittarius will be very eventful. In order to manage everything and not undermine your health, you need to relax on time and try to get rid of bad habits. While resting, do not lie on the sofa or stick on the computer. You just need movement. And better find a personal trainer - and in the summer you will surprise your girlfriends with a great figure.

The second decade of the sign (3.12 - 12.12)

Get out of town, relax outside both in winter and in summer. Just do not freeze, do not walk with wet feet and do not ignore the first symptoms of a cold. Saturate the body with vitamins, brew rose hips, drink herbal teas. And try to go to the sea, but do not lie all day on the beach and do not forget to protect your skin from aggressive sunlight.

The third decade of the sign (13.12 - 21.12)

Take care of the nervous system. In order to relax and cleanse your body, go to the sauna or bath. Relieve stress with massages, sports, gatherings with friends. Only during gatherings do not abuse alcohol and do not overeat. Avoid flour and sweets - health starts from the inside, so accustom yourself to a healthy diet. Work in the garden, build a house or make a repair, but take care of your back and joints. And be positive about everything around you.

Astrological Horoscope for 2020 according to Sagittarius year of birth.

Horoscope for 2020 Sagittarius-Rat

In the coming year you will be able to solve problems that you did not manage to cope with until this time. Relatives and close friends will come to the rescue. Many doors will open in front of you, new promising connections will appear. Most problems will begin to be solved with surprising ease, and competitors will either step aside or be defeated. Many will want to expand the circle of acquaintances and communication significantly. And some even risk losing their heads from romantic hobbies and love experiences. The formation of new marriage or partnership unions is possible.

Horoscope for 2020 Sagittarius-Ox

The Year of the White Rat cannot be called easy and carefree for you, since mistakes are not excluded. Constant doubts and insecurity about tomorrow can cause trouble. Try to look at everything that happens with optimism, and then the tasks will not look so insoluble. But, doing professional or household chores, do not forget to take care about your health. First of all, this applies to those Sagittarius Bulls who work a lot and experience emotional stress.

Horoscope for 2020 Sagittarius-Tiger

In the year of the Metal Rat you may encounter the fact that your state of mind will constantly change, and this will begin to lead astray from the chosen path. Try to be very careful and attentive when dealing with people. Do not say anything superfluous and do not open your soul to those who are not old and faithful friends. There is a high probability of encountering someone else's dishonesty - not only open competitors, but also secret envious people can resort to dishonest methods. As a result, your nerves may suffer.

Horoscope for 2020 Sagittarius-Cat (Rabbit)

Throughout the year many Sagittarius-Cats will be forced to return to unresolved issues, to unfinished business and obligations, which can often be cause for serious concern. When communicating with other people, as well as when building love relationships, you should be extremely tactful, not demanding the impossible from your partner. Your incontinence can lead to serious conflicts and negative consequences. After stressful situations, you will feel an energy decline, severe fatigue and weakness.

Horoscope for 2020 Sagittarius-Dragon

It is unlikely that you will be able to live 2020 calmly and carefree. Stars are not advising to sit quietly. This period can be a turning point, and for the better. You will have a chance to succeed, try to use it. To achieve the goal, you need to understand clearly what exactly you want to achieve. The main thing is to act, and not wait for something to change by itself. So that your strength is enough until the end of the year, keep yourself in good physical shape and do not forget about disease prevention

Horoscope for 2020 Sagittarius-Snake

It is unlikely that this year you will want global changes in professional activity, but there will be an opportunity to improve your position or maintain stability. Trust your own experience and believe in your own strengths. By yourself you will cope with the tasks much better and faster than if you rely on the opinions of people around you. Perhaps you will have new interests, aspirations, and thanks to this, your circle of communication will expand significantly. It is important to monitor your health. The abundance of deeds and obligations can cause nervous breakdowns.

Horoscope for 2020 Sagittarius-Horse

The first half of 2020 cannot be called bright, diverse, and eventful. But this will not upset you at all. From September you need to take the initiative into your own hands and not let it go until the end of the year. During this period, there is a chance to achieve dizzying success in the professional field. The year will be promising for people whose field of activity is related to culture. You will be able to attract interested people to your side and go towards your goal together. Many representatives of the sign will have the emotional upsurge associated with their personal lives.

Horoscope for 2020 Sagittarius-Goat (Sheep)

In 2020 new opportunities and prospects will open in front of you in various areas of life and activity. The main thing is to make a plan and try to follow it. If your main goal is career, and you think that you deserve a higher position than you occupy now, then do not postpone the resolution of the issue for a long time. You will be given the chance to get up the career ladder. You can search for a new job. Your income may grow, but only the funds received must be properly taken care of.

Horoscope for 2020 Sagittarius-Monkey

Be prepared to work a lot, hard and fruitfully. You will feel surge of energy and will be able to start implementing plans that were only dreams until now. If something does not suit you at work and you are considering moving to a new place, then it's time to start looking for it. You have a good chance of finding something to your liking. Personal life in 2020 will be intense and eventful. Serious disagreements should not arise in existing unions. And those who have exhausted their relationships will have a chance to break them off and start all over again.

Horoscope for 2020 Sagittarius-Rooster

At the beginning of the year, you most likely have not yet decided what you really want. Because of your suspiciousness, you run the risk of missing a good opportunity, which you will regret later. If in doubt stir your soul, seek the advice of older relatives, friends, or professionals. 2020 can be called the year of the family for Sagittarius-Roosters in the first place. Someone will be able to strengthen the existing relationship, someone - to find the long-awaited marriage bonds, and someone in the family will have a long-awaited baby. If there is peace and quiet in the house, then you can not be afraid of any difficulties.

Horoscope for 2020 Sagittarius-Dog

Luck will accompany you in many endeavors. No difficulties or obstacles will stop you, and you will confidently move towards your goal. Make active use of established relationships and do not commit rash acts. In the New year you can expect positive changes in your personal life. If you are still single, you can meet a truly worthy person and connect your fate with him for many years. And if you start exchanging for little things and indulging in pleasures indiscriminately, then a bird of happiness will fly past you.

Horoscope for 2020 Sagittarius-Pig (Boar)

In 2020 your range of interests will expand, which will make life more interesting and diverse. No serious obstacles are expected on your path. You will have a chance to recognize and correct earlier mistakes. Lone Sagittarius-Pigs will find their second half and will be able to build a family nest. Those whose relationship leaves much to be desired have to go through one of the most difficult periods. The stars advise to reconsider the old ties and part without regret with burdensome, exhausted relationships.

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