Astrological Horoscope for 2020 for Virgo

The beginning of the new 2020 will be remembered by you with a lot of impressions that will flow literally from all the cracks. Here you will find new books, travels, and acquaintances, and unexpected insights. No wonder that by the middle of January you will feel a slight fatigue and even sadness - from the fact that your life is not what you dreamed about. At this moment, it is important to give yourself a little rest, limiting the number of tasks and contacts. But do not make the relaxation last too long: the end of January and February is not the time to relax and slow down! Stars promise you the possibility of a career spurt, so you need to stay in shape.

In the first half of the year the events will make you nervous. Suddenly others will require special attention: starting from children who suddenly stop obeying, and ending with neighbors who visit you very often or, let's say, with floods (God forbid). You should seek salvation at work. And beyond it, everything will work out by itself over time. To lonely Virgo stars give hope for pleasant acquaintance. Pay close attention to your heart in the last week of May: your betrothed is somewhere nearby.

The second half of the Year of the Metal Rat will not begin very successfully. Most likely, your own illusions which made you believe in something that cannot be true will be the reason for this. And the result is stress and frustration. You should get yourself together, take your pink glasses off and assess soberly how much reality diverges from the imagined world and what needs to be done to reduce the distance. Look for support from old friends, and draw energy from nature and thoughts. A little trip will help you relax, which is better to take in the company of a distant relative or a person who was once close to you whom you have not seen for a long time

The end of November and December are expected quite stormy. You will have all hands on deck at work, and at the same time there will be an unexpected office romance that will serve as a source of inspiration, but at the same time will make the married Virgos nervous. It is too early to draw conclusions whether it is worth jumping into this romance or not. Just hold on until the holidays without clarifying the relationship and rely on your own intuition: it will show you the right way.

Love horoscope for Virgo in 2020.

In 2020 you will be busy with affairs that are far from love. All your thoughts will be occupied by career and promotion. You will also have pretty close conversations with close relatives. If your parents do not like your loved one, you will be very worried about this. But if your romance becomes a hindrance to your job responsibilities, you will opt for a career. And if you have to flirt a little with the person you need in order to achieve the goal - well, for the sake of business you are ready to go for it. And at the same time you will mislead your colleagues and admirers.

For Family Virgos love adventures remained in last year. Now you are all for stability in relationship. This does not preclude the possibility of easy flirting, especially on trips. But you will not go far, as you value your partner. Difficulties can come from parents - they are very conservative and do not want to accept your loved one. It will be useless to argue and try to persuade them. Therefore, most likely, you will figure out how to communicate separately, without annoying relatives and not offending a loved one.

Lonely Virgos will be searching only those who suit them. And the criteria for 2020 will be quite certain: you need an influential partner who will help you with your career. Perhaps you feel that the throne is already wobbling under you at the current place of work, and you will want to go “being a queen” to another place. You can easily find a man who will respond to your unambiguous hints and begin to care for you. But how long is all this last?

And how long you will be able to do it yourself - to pretend being in love or to convince yourself of this. The universe punishes Virgos rather strictly for selfish interests in love.

Career and Financial horoscope for 2020 for Virgo.

The financial situation will please you this year: you will immediately have several additional sources of income. The main thing is not to refuse offers and to think your actions over very well.

Feel free to invest in the development of your own business, you can lend money, sponsor some projects in January. The position of the planets in this period contributes to the rapid return of money. But in March, July and November, think a hundred times before using your funds in any business - the position of the planets at this time does not favor transactions and the implementation of business ideas.

In early spring you may need financial assistance, and you can easily find support in the personality of a relative or friend. They will be especially generous in the second half of March, so you can get even a large amount without any problems.

Interesting offers that promise great benefits can come on the road or at a time when you are far from home. Consider them, think over - it is likely that participation in these projects will give you, in addition to income, the opportunity to reach your potential and enter a new professional level. The best time to start work on such a project (especially for people in the creative field) is the end of April.

In summer you will have significant expenses in connection with a major purchase, investment in education or a wedding. Try to make these expenses by mid-June so that they go with minimal risk to your budget.

A lot of work is expected in the fall, but your efforts will not be in vain - the payment should be decent and without delay. Management will appreciate the diligence and desire for self-improvement on your part. You might even be offered a promotion. You should agree, but only if the increase in responsibilities corresponds to an increase in salary. Try not to change the position in the first and second decades of November.

Do not gamble and play lottery in the first decade of November, as you risk losing a large amount of money. The aspect of the planets during this period enhances instability and dependence on the environment. It will be more difficult for you to refuse the adventurous offers of quick profit, the possibility of a sharp career take-off or projects with fabulous profits. Do not fall for the bait of scammers and do not rely on luck: this year hard work, accurate calculation and carefully planned actions will bring you income.

Family horoscope for Virgo for 2020.

You are too busy with problems and prospects at work, take time for your beloved and pamper your children.

Virgo of the first decade (dates of birth 24.08 - 2.09)

Relax from work in your home circle. Have parties and holidays for children, invite relatives, especially older ones, to visit. Charm your husband and do not forget about the mother in law. In a difficult situation, loved ones will definitely support you, and communication with children will help relieve stress. Enjoy nature, relax like savages, most importantly – choose the budget option and away from people.

Virgo of the second decade (dates of birth 3.09 - 12.09)

Do not break down on people close to you and moderate the commanding tone, and then there will be no serious disagreements and quarrels in the family. Listen to the wishes of the children and your second half, spend holidays with relatives. And if finances allow, the whole family can spend a vacation by the sea.

Virgo of the third decade (dates of birth 13.09 - 23.09)

Young couples will begin to twist the family nest actively - replenishment in the family is just around the corner. The Virgos will head over to the repair, arranging a place for the baby. Invite relatives to help, listen to the good advice and experience of your mothers and fathers. And the family will become stronger, and help will come in handy, and you can relax. The more relatives beside you will love you and your baby, the better.

Health Horoscope for Virgo in 2020.

Replenish the body’s energy reserves, add superfoods and omega-3 fatty acids to the diet.

First decade of the sign (24.08 - 2.09)

Start the morning with fitness and you will be filled with energy and positive for the whole day. And it’s better to go for a run in the park. Do not be afraid to train in any weather, just dress accordingly and adjust the load. A contrast shower in the evening will relieve fatigue, tones and help harden the body. In the evening you can do breathing practices and meditation - Virgos just need a full sleep (at least 8 hours).

The second decade of the sign (3.09 - 12.09)

Virgos need to establish a healthy diet in order to maintain strength and energy. Just do not overeat! Avoid potatoes and pastries, cut back on sugar and salt, and drink more water. Eat "native" seasonal vegetables and fruits, take food 5-6 times a day in small portions, and use nuts and dried fruits as a snack. Enter oily sea fish on the menu.

The third decade of the sign (13.09 - 23.09)

Virgos cannot be treated independently on their own, especially with the help of the Internet. You should check your stomach and liver. In case of exacerbation of chronic ailments, contact a specialist, and if possible, try to relax in the dispensary or sanatorium. Proper treatment, regime, diet and procedures will help establish all the processes in the body.

Astrological Horoscope for 2020 according to Virgo year of birth.

Horoscope for 2020 Virgo-Rat

An eventful period awaits you. You will be torn between professional tasks, personal life and household chores. In order to use your powers wisely and effectively, try to keep a clear plan of action. This will help avoid stress and get the most out of the circumstances. If you do not like your place of work or if you think that your work is underestimated and should be paid more adequately, then 2020 is a good time to try to change something in your life.

Horoscope for 2020 Virgo-Ox

The year will be dual. You can’t say for sure how it will turn out. There will be joys and worries, achievements and disappointments. One of the difficult topics may be some stagnation in business. It will be more difficult for you to bring things you have begun to their logical conclusion. The main thing is not to get lost in the cycle of events and in case of difficulties not to give up. In the second half of the year, your relationship with your loved one may worsen. Do not attach much importance to the differences that have arisen, but express your complaints in a friendly manner.

Horoscope for 2020 Virgo-Tiger

Try to avoid any drastic changes in the first half of the year. When you try to make your dreams come true, you run the risk of encountering all sorts of obstacles and delays. Your personal and family life, and partnerships may be at stake. But all this threatens only those couples where people are not inclined to discuss something and seek compromises. Under normal tactful relations in the family, such conflicts will not arise, although some misunderstanding and disagreement may occur. The second half of the year will be a more favorable period.

Horoscope for 2020 Virgo-Cat (Rabbit)

The year can be difficult. It is difficult to say which events will prevail - good or bad ones. But in any case, you need to be careful and prudent, since you will have to act depending on the circumstances throughout the year. You will have to make every effort to prevent serious mistakes. Of course, this situation can exhaust anyone, but take it as a life test that will give valuable experience. You should be vigilant about new acquaintances - traps may be waiting for you.

Horoscope for 2020 Virgo-Dragon

2020 promises to be quite successful. Much will depend on you, as you will be able to influence most events most directly. Your intellectual abilities will be above average, and this will lead to success at work or school. Year of the Rat can be a good period in terms of love and partnership. Someone will be lucky enough to meet their soul mate and start a new life as a family man. Some Virgo Dragons will want to become parents. Hurry up to catch the opportunity!

Horoscope for 2020 Virgo-Snake

The Year of the Metal Rat promises to be eventful. Most representatives of this combination of signs will be able to adapt to constantly changing circumstances and learn how to maneuver in life's intricacies. This year is favorable for expanding the professional sphere of activity and implementing the accumulated experience. No serious obstacles should arise. Maybe you should try yourself in a new business? It depends only on you whether you will be able to take a chance or prefer to leave everything as it is.

Horoscope for 2020 Virgo-Horse

In 2020 you will need quick thinking and quick decision-making. Your gaze should be directed forward, and not back to the past. If you decide on something, then bring the issue to its logical end and do not turn halfway back in any case. The most promising in business terms may be the second half of the year. Therefore, the most important matters, necessary meetings, negotiations, signing of new contracts should be planned for this particular time. In relations with loved ones complete harmony will reign.

Horoscope for 2020 Virgo-Goat (Sheep)

In the New year big changes await you, which can affect various areas of your life. Professional activity will bring joy in most cases, and you will be satisfied with your work and position. You can safely count on the help of loved ones and friends. Just set yourself realistically achievable tasks, the solution of which will not take all your life energy from you. Having fallen, rise again, climb, feel for the road and go forward. In this case, luck will certainly be on your side.

Horoscope for 2020 Virgo-Monkey

In 2020 your determination, physical strength and activity will increase. In order for this period to develop successfully, you need to set clearly formulated tasks and then, without paying attention to unimportant things, you will achieve your goals. Try not to listen to other people's advice, but live your own mind. Changes in personal life may not be global in nature, but clearly positive. Having set the goal of the Free Virgo Monkeys can easily meet a worthy person.

Horoscope for 2020 Virgo-Rooster

A good year is coming for you. The time has come to set far-reaching goals for yourself, to develop a definite strategy of actions, to build a more clear line of your behavior. Your calculations will be justified, and the plan will be implemented on time, most likely, with the help of good friends. A surge of enthusiasm and creative inspiration will help you succeed. Be wary of those who will ask to borrow money from you. Try not to give large sums even to trusted people and do not get into bondage by giving an economically unjustified loan.

Horoscope for 2020 Virgo-Dog

The year will bring you new desires and plans. There will be no insurmountable obstacles in front of you. You can handle any tasks. However, be prepared to work on yourself. You should evaluate all your pros and cons, opportunities, strengths and skills. The secret of your success will be warm relationship with others. You will gladly begin to meet old friends, make new acquaintances, maintain even unnecessary connections. But for all this fuss, do not forget about your relatives and loved ones. They may miss your attention and care.

Horoscope for 2020 Virgo-Pig (Boar)

The coming year is favorable for expanding professional activities and implementing accumulated experience. The difficult road to the top of success will seem an interesting and exciting game to you. There will be a chance to climb the career ladder. You will be happy to meet, communicate, make new friends, maintain even unnecessary contacts. Perhaps the person you need is just around the corner. Married people are not afraid of any “black days” - peace and tranquility will reign in relationships.

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