Horoscope: Who you are in Alice in Wonderland

Aries/ Red Queen

Like the Red Queen, you have a very domineering nature. In your element of fire - you are impudent, energetic, impulsive.

You have no equal in the struggle for leadership. It’s better not to argue with you - you are very stubborn. Although, what is stubbornness? This is the same determination. Only here is a little problem: your temper, impatience and rudeness can scare the courtiers away.

Sometimes it’s worth reducing your activity. Maybe then it will be possible to bring things to the end and not burn out. In any case, whether they love you or hate you, there will not be anyone remaining indifferent.

Taurus/ Dormouse

Just like Dormouse, you like to sleep, eat and wallow. But it will be a mistake to assume that you are lazy. You just accumulate strength. But when the time of battle comes, you will invest every drop of accumulated power for the victory.

Like an indestructible tank - you conquer any target you choose slowly but surely. There is no one who equals such perseverance.

It is difficult to unbalance you - but your anger is long, you are not forgetting the insults. Here is a piece of advice - in some situations it is worth loosening your stubbornness, it does not always serve to the benefit.

But, as in the proverb about the calf - you can be affectionate and enjoyable. You skillfully use this talent, which is why you are respected and adored by many people.

Gemini/ Tweedledum and Tweedledee

You carry in yourself two natures that switch among themselves with great speed – Figaro’s here, Figaro’s there. And very often they are in conflict with each other, like Tweedley and Tweedleum. Intelligent, funny and witty - against rude, cynical and irritable. But you cannot do without any of the parties - this is your nature, the point is that it is almost impossible to predict you.

Just like the twins from Wonderland - you are drawn to everything new and not recognized, you just need variety. You grab everything literally on the fly. But you open new horizons too quickly. So fast that there’s just not enough time to even go deep into something.

This, unfortunately, also applies to friendship. But the good news is that no matter how many friends you “overgrown” - you can easily find new ones.

Cancer/ Bayard Hamar

One of your most important qualities is Fidelity. Your most valuable treasure is family and friends, in their circle you are most comfortable with everything. You are impressionable and very sensual type by nature. As Bayard has developed a sense of smell - so you have an intuition that reaches almost mysticism.

You are not inclined to splurge, and prefer to always be yourself. And the Moon, with which there is a very close relationship, is responsible for the ups and downs of your mood. You can most easily get over your frequent depressions in communication with loved ones. And your rare quality of giving people more than you take deserves a great compliment.

Leo/ Knave of Hearts

Like Knave of Hearts - You are a very bright and artistic person. In real life you act as if on stage. You are a leader. You are good-looking and have a sense of dignity. And also you are huge romantic, optimistic, creative personality and magnificence itself. Chivalry and, in contrast to Jack of Hearts – nobility are inherent to you. You should not give in to excessive arrogance, you can lose all your friends this way. But the public is always provided for you, you can easily attract the attention of others.

Virgo/ Alice

An inquiring mind, artistry, high intellect, erudition - all this is about you. But also

pragmatism and a certain eccentricity. You are observant, tend to think logically and analyze. You possess versatile interests and constantly strive for improvement.

As you are a very hardworking person, thanks to which you achieve high results in almost any business you undertake - you are extremely negative to lazy and messy people. And yet, just like Alice, you are a huge supporter of the truth and a humanist. You adore all living creatures. Perhaps, you should only reduce your categorization, pickiness and exactingness.

Otherwise, you are a very witty and charming person, able to maintain self-control in any situation.

Libra/ White Queen

Like the White Queen, your life is ruled by a sense of beauty, harmony and justice. You are very wise and often act as responsible judges. You are well versed in people and smooth out the roughness that occurs in life situations.

You are sociable, hospitable, thanks to tact, generosity and poise, you rarely have enemies and have a strong influence on others.

It is useless to fight your inconsistency in mood and almost lack of balance. But if you stop - it is hard to experience failures and be more resolutely. Otherwise, you are very attractive, talented, and most importantly - a bright person.

Scorpio/ Caterpillar Absolem

The nature of contradictions and extremes, combining intelligence and passion at the same time. You immediately evoke love and hate in people around you. Also, like

Absolute, you love to philosophize about life. You have a deep, almost mystical understanding of life. You love to argue and win, and you do not care about the public.

You are able to manipulate people as an expert. You should be less sarcastic - take pity on people, they are hurt by your causticity. But the mystery inherent in you is attracting people, and the insight is surprising them.

Sagittarius/ Cheshire Cat

Like a Cheshire Cat, you are freedom-loving and independent. You love to philosophize. Your nature is determined by imagination, optimism and humor. You have a great desire for knowledge and an inexhaustible love of life and pleasure. Also, you are constantly driven by a sense of justice. You are a very pleasant conversationalist, but sometimes excessive straightforwardness interferes with you.

And like Cheshire - you are changeable, talkative, tactless, like to elongate time and tend to persuade others. But nevertheless you are a universal favorite, and often the soul of the company.

Capricorn/ White Rabbit

Like the White Rabbit - you are practical and punctual. You are respected in your circle. You are honest, serious and hardworking. You are often accused of being cold, although in fact you love ardently - but you hardly express your feelings. You give more than you take. You are also virtuous.

The senses of duty and discipline are very developed in you. But still you are subjected to bad mood - then literally everything goes awry, like with our hero. Capricorns are also incredulous, secretive, fatalistic and unnecessarily worrying for their reputation.

But nevertheless, they are very ambitious, decisive and reliable, like the earthly firmament.

Aquarius/ Hatter

Like the Mad Hatter, you are eccentric, unpredictable, and inventive. These are crazy geniuses. You are more interested in life values, rather than your own successes. You strive to serve the truth and progress. And your head is just a fountain of ideas. Which, thanks to a sharp mind, you fulfill often. There is not a bit of anger or meanness in you; you come to peace with everyone or find a diplomatic way out.

But you are prone to utopian ideas and projects. You are stubborn and strive to be convinced of everything on your own experience, and rarely listen even to practical advice. In the rest they are very friendly, able to stir a crowd and make it move.

Pisces/ March Hare

Like the March Hare, you are a complete explosion of emotions, a whole bunch of characteristics. Impressive, volatile, dreamy and somewhat – separated from reality, with spiritual approach to life. And you also have rich imagination and subtle intuition.

And strangely enough, like the March Hare - you have a huge passion for tea, at best.

At worst, the drinks are stronger. You periodically need privacy and relaxation from everyone. You often remember the past with nostalgia. You are deeply disappointed to realize that life is far from perfect. You are impractical, dramatic and difficult to make decisions. In general, it’s hard to understand or describe you, but you yourself see right through the people you communicate with.

Sergii Haranenko

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