A butterfly flew into the apartment – is it a bad or a good omen?

In the summer, when the windows of many apartments are wide open, various insects often fly into our homes: mosquitoes, wasps, flies, and sometimes even spiders crawl in, which especially often "come to visit" the residents of the upper floors. Many popular superstitions are associated with insects. And today we will talk about what awaits you according to the omen if a butterfly flew into an apartment.

Good News Bringer.

We want to reassure you right away: when a butterfly flew into your place, this is an unambiguously good omen. Most often, the beautiful butterfly brings only good news with it.

If a papillon flew through the window to a lonely person, the sign promises the coming start to family life. For bachelors such news may be unexpected, because the appearance of a woman in a cozy bachelor dwelling is a rather drastic change in the entire way of life. If the wings of the beautiful insect are white or golden, the future spouse will be calm in character; and if the butterfly is motley and multi-colored, this means your future partner will be very jealous, although at the same time rather caring. The prediction will be similar for single girls.

The omen of a butterfly in the house where the married couple lives says that very soon the spouses will have replenishment in the family. If the wings of the butterfly are blue, green or purple, expect a boy; if the insect was red, orange, yellow or white, then it will be a girl. If the beautiful butterfly flew into the house where the pregnant woman lives, this omen predicts that the childbirth will be easy.

In general, the superstition about a butterfly flying in is considered to be associated with good news. But it is sometimes difficult for homeowners to guess what kind of life area they are talking about, because the appearance of a colorful-winged butterfly is interpreted in different ways: it may speak of success in pressing matters, financial profit, successful resolution of problems, improving health, establishing personal relationships, therefore it is recommended pay attention to the color and size of the insect.

The larger the butterfly is, the more success it promises. A small butterfly most often indicates small everyday pleasures. According to the superstitions, a white butterfly is an omen that symbolizes purity of relationships, peace in the family, peace of mind; a red, pink or crimson butterfly in the house hints at changes in personal life, new romances, dates, romantic walks or the return of passion to an already existing union. If the butterfly wings are gold, orange or yellow - wait for news related to money; if the butterfly was green, purple or blue - positive changes in your work await you.

You should also pay attention to whether the wings of the "good messenger" are self-colored or not. If they are monochromatic, there will be only one important event, but if it had bright patterns and specks, this indicates numerous joyful events, a whole series of news or pleasant changes.

The butterfly behavior.

The omen of a butterfly in an apartment can also acquire new semantic nuances depending on the behavior of the insect. First, pay attention to where the "guest" came from. If it flew in through the window - most likely, the winged messenger can fulfill your wish. In order for this to happen, you need to carefully catch the insect, trying not to damage its fragile wings, then whisper your most cherished desire to it and release it.

The sign of a butterfly in the room that flew through the door says that welcome guests will appear in this house very soon - so you can safely expect a holiday, intimate gatherings with friends or a cozy family dinner with relatives.

According to the omen, a butterfly on a window or other place, sitting motionless for a long time, predicts a calm, harmonious life of family members, without unpleasant surprises and all sorts of suddenness. It may also indicate the coming vacation of one of the family members.

If the butterfly is spinning around the room, as if dancing, this is a wonderful sign, hinting at a coming wedding or a strong love relationship that nothing can destroy.

Are dark butterfly wings a symbol of trouble?

According to some beliefs, a black butterfly by omen, as well as its counterparts with wings of very dark colors, can portend failure. But, if you look at it, it is not the insect's fault that its wings have such a gloomy color. Therefore, you should not take this superstition seriously. If you consider it truthful to assume that the butterfly flew in predicting unhappiness, just look at it and say, "With what you arrived, so fly away with it!"

Other beliefs about butterflies.

There are other signs and superstitions about butterflies. It is believed that if three butterfly guests come to your home at once, this is a very good sign, foreshadowing many joyful events.

If a multi-colored guest is circling over the head of one of the residents, this person will have a pleasant meeting or an interesting trip.

If you met a flying butterfly at work, your professional affairs will go smoothly, and you will soon receive financial profit. If the insect is circling not around your apartment, but in the driveway, but it was you who noticed it, you should expect news about your husband or wife.

There is also a belief that a golden butterfly that flew into a house where a seriously ill person lies foreshadows his coming death. But in this case, the golden wings indicate that the dying person lived a decent life, was always honest with others. And his soul will go to the best place to find peace.

What does it mean if a moth flew to your place?

According to the omen, a moth is no different from a butterfly; therefore, its appearance can be interpreted the same way as the visit of a variegated beauty. Look at its behavior and color to understand what exactly the visit of this nocturnal insect means. For example, a moth flew through the window - a sign of coming news, through the door - expect guests. Do not be afraid of the dark moth - most of the representatives of these insects simply fly into open windows, attracted by the bright light of the lamp, so their appearance does not bring danger.

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