Beliefs and omens about drawing, paintings and portraits.

What will happen if you paint a catastrophe or an accident? Why pictures of naked women should not be hung in the bedroom of a married couple? What happens if a portrait falls from the wall?

Painting is the most popular art form. In order to decorate your home, to give comfort, it is enough to hang a few pictures on the wall. And you can create them yourself using digital technologies or ordinary paints.

What are the signs and old beliefs about paintings and drawings?

So that no one is sick in the family, it is worth hanging an image of a crane in the living room.

A painting depicting clean water contributes to attracting wealth to a home.

You can improve your living conditions buying a ready-made image, or just drawing a cozy house on a canvas.

A goldfish on the wall is a good omen that portends material success.

Drawing a portrait from a photograph of a person predicts trouble for the latter.

If you depict your own home damaged by fire, earthquakes, this may actually happen.

You should not draw accidents, catastrophes, since the situation depicted will arise in the future.

If a portrait of a living person fell from the wall – this means trials for him; if the canvas is torn – it is a bad omen foreshadowing the death of the one who is depicted on it; if the frame broke – this is a symbol of illness.

If evil spirits have settled in the house, then it must be cleaned, and then you should hang on the wall an image of a labyrinth, an intricate scheme, so that evil could no longer penetrate.

A painting with a stork is a symbol of long life and good health.

A girl who wants to get married as soon as possible needs to put the image of rings on a red cloth.

Prosperity will come to the family if you hang a picture on which rain is painted in front of your bed.

To prevent ill-wishers from coming to visit, you should place an image of a waterfall in front of the front door, according to the signs.

Decorating the house with canvases depicting hurricanes, wars, earthquakes – is an omen predicting bad luck.

It is undesirable to hang a canvas with a clock in the office, as then all your time will pass there.

Canvas with sloping mountains is ideal for the office of a person who has his own business.

Treason will happen in the family if you hang pictures of naked women in the bedroom, according to the signs.

Portraits of deceased relatives should not be kept in a conspicuous place, so as not to bring trouble to the family.

A vibrant landscape would be a neutral home decoration. It cheers up, but it does not carry a semantic load.

How superstitions affect our lives?

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