Can pregnant women knit, sew or embroider?

Due to the many beliefs and constant warnings from friends or relatives, most women are wondering if they can embroider or knit during pregnancy, and whether such needlework will harm the development of the baby or the health of the expectant mother. Let’s consider where this belief came from, and whether there are real grounds for concern.

Is it ok for pregnant women to knit?

    What do the folk signs and omens say about knitting for pregnant women? Experts note that pregnant women can safely knit, following simple rules:
  • take 2-3 breaks per hour of work, do the warm up for your arms and legs - this will help avoid oxygen starvation of the fetus;
  • pregnant women can knit no more than 3 hours a day to avoid overwork;
  • pre-place a pillow under the back and feet - this will protect against overstrain of the spine;
  • change positions regularly and pay attention to the change in the behavior of the fetus;
  • knit in good light so as not to impair your vision;
  • ventilate the work area and walk outside.

Doctors say that knitting helps not only improve mood, but also normalize the functioning of the nervous system. In addition, most pregnant women become distracted and forgetful, and needlework improves memory and trains attention.

Is it ok to sew during pregnancy?

    In the old days, there were several signs associated with sewing during pregnancy:
  • Taking up sewing during the period of bearing a baby, a pregnant woman blocks her child's way into our world - this can lead to complications during pregnancy or childbirth, and even cause the death of a newborn.
  • Due to sewing, a child can get tangled in the umbilical cord - this belief arose due to the knots that a woman ties on an item while working.
  • You should not sew clothes for a baby in advance - this is how the expectant mother brings misfortune on herself and the unborn child.

The above superstitions do not have any scientific evidence - for example, professional seamstresses who continue to work while pregnant have no more complications during childbirth than other women. Hence the conclusion - pregnant women can sew if this activity calms them and brings pleasure.

Is cross-stitching allowed during pregnancy?

Pregnant women are also allowed to cross-stitch - this does not adversely affect the development of the fetus. The main rule is to do it in the most comfortable position, preferably on the street or on a balcony, and if there is the slightest feeling of discomfort, be sure to stop to rest.

Most of the bad omens associated with needlework for pregnant women appeared at a time when medicine was at a low level, and midwives most often took part in childbirth. In turn, they attributed most of the complications to sewing, embroidery or knitting during the gestation period, thereby removing all responsibility from their shoulders.

Therefore, in order to avoid problems with childbirth and not harm the health of the child, pregnant women can and should try not to pay attention to superstition and pass all the necessary examinations in a timely manner throughout the entire period.

Of course, it is up to every woman whether to believe in these superstitions and avoid needlework or just enjoy the process if she wishes.

Sergii Haranenko

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