Encountering a dog omens and superstitions

Dogs have been living alongside people for a long time. When meeting animals on the street, no one is surprised. But dogs behave differently: they can run after you, bark, greet or bite. Inevitably, there is a desire to find out why dogs show such attention. Moreover, if the dog came to your house, you may want to find out the meaning of the sign.

What does it mean if the dog followed you?

It is no coincidence that many superstitions and omens about stray dogs appeared. It is believed that the souls of sinners transmigrate into the body of dogs. Animals see well and feel things that people cannot feel (spirits, evil spirits, heavenly messengers). This ability is fully inherent in dogs with light spots under the eyes.

So, if someone else’s dog tags along with you, don’t rush to get upset. Maybe it saw an invisible danger threatening you from evil spirits and is trying to protect you. As soon as the threat has passed, the animal will move away on its own.

    There are other signs about stray dogs:
  • If the dog is following you on your way somewhere, this is a good sign. A smart animal will not run after a bad person.
  • An animal that has followed you not only spins around, but also tries to rub against your legs - portends a pleasant surprise, a gift.
  • Several funny dogs are spinning around you in a game at the same time – may predict the wedding.
  • A stray dog followed you and showed you up to your home - great luck follows with it. Think about it: maybe you should keep the dog forever?
  • If at night you meet a dog on the way, you may encounter robbers.
  • A black dog barked on you - you will go astray.
  • Your own black dog is a protector from evil spirits, it scares demons and does not let them into the house.
    For those who travel or are in a hurry to an important meeting, the color of the dog crossing the road matters:
  • A black and white or snow-white dog portends a successful path.
  • A dog of any color with a white spot on its forehead predicts fabulous success.
  • 3 white dogs at once - luck will not leave you for a minute until you return home.
  • A spotted dog - in England it means victory in all disputes and matters, and in India it portends disappointment. You can make your own choice of interpretation.
  • A black dog is a harbinger of failure.

In general, meeting a dog crossing your path does not promise anything, neither good nor bad.

What does it mean if the stray dog entered your house?

    When someone else’s dog came and crossed the border of your home - what consequences to expect?
  • A stray dog in someone else’s home is an “indicator” that there is a wonderful atmosphere in the house and good people live there. Otherwise, such a sensitive creature would not have looked into it.
  • A frightened dog whines pitifully and rushes around the yard, looking sick – this is an omen of minor troubles. You should not drive the animal away. This will not improve your fate. Understand what is happening. If the dog is fleeing persecution, or seeking help for another objective reason, perhaps there are no signs. Feed the animal and provide it a place to sleep. If the dog disappears the next morning, this means you have managed to get rid of retribution for some “sin”.
  • A stray dog came and calmly walked through the door - you will soon make new friends, but if the dog is dirty and shabby, the number of enemies will increase.

A living creature that voluntarily comes into the house, regardless of whether it is a cat or a dog, is considered a good omen.

It is recommended to keep the animal with you, because luck and prosperity will “settle” in your home with it. If you place a stray black dog in your home, lightning will never strike your house. Of course, the animal needs to be shown to a veterinarian.

Which dog came to you?

  • If a dog strays towards the house, this event predicts illness or good profit (you should pay attention to the condition of the dog).
  • Shabby and sick dog - expect trouble (quite understandably: such an animal can be a carrier of infection).
  • A young, well-groomed dog means coming profit (at least, it can be returned to the owner, who will thank you in joy, or you can keep it - it will protect you from robbery).

In any case, folk wisdom strongly discourages cruelty to stray animals; you should not kick them - otherwise you can attract big troubles into your life. You need to get rid of an unwanted “guest” by showing mercy. Feed the dog away from the house, and then, not harshly but firmly, offer to leave.

If a pet runs away from the yard, trouble is expected.

Should you keep the stray dog at home?

If a stray dog is cheerful and healthy, although slightly shabby, perhaps higher powers are sending the person a chance to atone for his sins. It is worth sheltering the animal and taking care of it.

If the dog requires help and you are capable of saving the animal, be sure to do your best to save the dog.

If a puppy comes to the house of a childless couple, it must be left.

Popular beliefs predict that good people will soon have a baby. There is also a scientific explanation for this sign. A woman, sincerely captivated by the cute creature, begins to care for it and forgets about her problem. And when a lady relaxes, stops counting the days and choosing the right moment for conception, everything happens easily by itself by the grace of nature.

Negative interpretations about dog in the house

  • The worst event is considered to be the death of a stray dog in front of the threshold. This foreshadows the imminent death of one of the residents of the house. Even if no one died, the corpse of an animal does not bode well. At the very least, you will quarrel with your best friend, receive bad news, or have to undergo treatment.
  • If a dog dies next to the house of a seriously ill person, it “takes away” the disease, and the person recovers.
  • The death of an animal in a pregnant woman’s apartment is a harbinger of a difficult birth.
  • The dog wanders from corner to corner, does not find a place for itself in the house of a woman who is about to give birth – this is a sign of an imminent labor.
  • If the dog has settled into the house, behaves friendly, or whelped in the yard of a pregnant woman, the birth will be easy and quick, and there will be welfare in the family.
  • The death of a red dog, especially on the eve of the New Year holidays or Christmas, portends a global disaster.
  • If a dog that has bitten a person dies, the victim will soon fall ill, and it is unlikely because of the bite.

Superstitions say that dogs should not be buried in the yard.

There is an opinion that it is better to burn a stray dog that subsequently dies. In this way, you will be able to expel the evil spirits whose carriers was the animal.

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