Feeding a baby omens and superstitions

With the birth of a child, parents have many fears associated with popular beliefs, since it is believed that in the first years the baby is most susceptible to evil eye, damage and other misfortunes.

Since ancient times, food has been endowed with strength that replenishes the internal energy of a person, which further strengthens the immune system and allows you to maintain the health of the body.

Why shouldn’t you eat after your baby?

    Why, according to signs, you can’t eat up after your child? There are several signs associated with feeding a baby:
  • eating up after a child, you take away his vitality and energy, thereby worsening his state of health;
  • you don’t need to put the baby on the table while feeding - this will lead to causeless tears and a deterioration in appetite;
  • regularly eating the rest of the portions, the mother mentally binds the baby to herself even more - over time, this can lead to the fact that he will grow up dependent, and over time will depend on his parents for many years;
  • eating from the plate of their child, parents take away the well-being, luck and happiness intended for him;
  • until the baby starts talking, it is not recommended to introduce fish dishes into the diet - in a fragile small body, this product can lead to an allergic reaction and deterioration in overall well-being.

But, of course, you should not blindly trust any popular superstition - always try to find a rational explanation.

Sergii Haranenko

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