Finding a horseshoe folk signs and superstitions

Among the signs there are well-known beliefs, and there are superstitions used only in a narrow circle of admirers of folk wisdom. Everyone knows that finding a horseshoe is a fortunate sign. But it is equally important to know exactly which item will bring good luck, and how to position it correctly so that it serves as a talisman.

The meaning of a horseshoe as an amulet

    A horseshoe combines several lucky symbols at once:
  • the divine flame of the blacksmith's forge;
  • iron is a symbol of honesty, protection from evil spirits;
  • the horse is the personification of goodness, hard work, inspiration, fertility, strength.

If such a talisman is found, it is a pity to leave it in the dust on the road.

A folk tale tells the story of a blacksmith who got the devil as a client. The master, not afraid of the evil spirits, chained the little devil with the longest nails. The devil's servant began to beg for mercy. The blacksmith let him go, but took the horned man’s word that he would not approach those houses on which the horseshoe hung.

Since then, blacksmiths have been considered heroes of the fight against evil spirits, and horseshoes hang in forges and play the role of amulets. Thus, the sign: finding a horseshoe has two interpretations.

    The iron arc of the horseshoe is:
  • A talisman for bringing abundance and family prosperity into the house, good luck in business.
  • An amulet for protection against negative influences.

When the horseshoe is outside of the house, it is placed with its horns facing down so that negativity from incoming enemies flows down them.

The main task of such a talisman is to recognize and reflect the bad intentions of visiting people and creatures. There was an opinion that they were hung with the ends down in the house if its owner was a woman. Inside the house, a cornucopia was mounted as a symbol, with the ends up, so that benefits would accumulate and not flow out of the house.

There is also a way to place it in the form of the letter “C” - the words “calm”, “cheerful”, “caring” begin with it.

The significance of the horseshoe location

There is an interesting detail: a horseshoe that served its intended purpose is considered the happiest. Such an object is capable of attracting good luck and reflecting negativity, because it is tempered in fire and charged with the force of pushing the horse off the ground.

To become the owner of an effective amulet, according to the sign, you need to find an old rusty iron horseshoe. It is important to find it, and not purchase as a souvenir.

A folk superstition says that the greatest power comes from the back leg of a gray mare that falls off its hoof.

Horses are now rarely used for plowing plots and transporting goods. You should look for a talisman in the countryside or at a hippodrome.

    Meaning of a horseshoe that was found in different places:
  • on a rural road - predicts tremendous luck;
  • on a city road - symbol of great happiness;
  • in the garden - success in business; such a find promises support from relatives in all endeavors.

What should you do with a found horseshoe?

If you find a horseshoe, examine it carefully. If you find something broken, you should not take it with you. The sign says: the found half of the arc can destroy family ties and attract divorce.

To neutralize the negativity of the broken horseshoe, it is recommended to spit on it, make a wish, and throw it behind your back. Then you need to quickly leave without turning around. Your plan will soon come true, but not completely, but only half.

    If you come across a whole horseshoe (a new one, or better yet, an old, rusty one), you need to thank God for such a message, leave a few coins in its place, take the find home and do the following with it:
  • The owner of the house must nail the found talisman in the center above the entrance door to your home.
  • You can use 7 nails (so that the magical influence concerns all family members) or 1 nail or rope.
  • A woman should help her husband hold the nails.
  • All residents (young and old) must first touch the horseshoe.

To enhance the protective properties of the amulet, it must be cleaned before placement. For this, energetically strong holy water is used. If there is none, the amulet can be kept in running or salt water. Water from a well will also work.

The horseshoe is then charged with lunar energy. To do this, the talisman is kept at night during the waxing moon so that the direct rays of the night luminary fall on it. In this case, the horns should be directed deep into the room.

What does it mean if the horseshoe has fallen on the floor? According to the sign, the fall of a hanging horseshoe means that the talisman has served its purpose. You should lift it, protecting your hands with a cloth, and bury it away from the house. If you find it in the ground, there is a high probability that it is someone else’s used amulet, it is better not to take it.

But if there are no bad premonitions, and on the contrary, you feel that you want to take the find with you, you can do it, but you will need to cleanse it with special care.

The meaning of placing horseshoes in different parts of the house

Mexicans believe that you need to find and decorate the horseshoe with the faces of saints and ribbons, and then not touch the amulet. According to the Italian superstition, you need to find an horseshoe and hang it so that everyone entering touches the talisman.

In ancient Slavs, to protect the well-being of the family, one had to find a horseshoe and bury it under the threshold or in the yard, or put it in another place.

    Placing a horseshoe in different places of the home or on agricultural buildings has a certain meaning:
  • The bedroom attracts sound, healthy sleep and harmonizes the life of a married couple. According to superstitions, one who keeps a horseshoe next to his bed will get rid of unhealthy habits and die in his sleep at a very old age.
  • A young girl needs an iron arc next to the stove: so that she can learn how to manage things in the kitchen and not end up being single, the signs say.
  • A horseshoe in the living room will attract good guests.
  • A horseshoe above the cradle or in the children's room will become the baby's protector from the evil eye. If the negative magical effect has already occurred, the child was doused with water from the tub in which the horseshoe had stayed for a certain period of time.
  • When placed in a money box or other place to store savings, a horseshoe helps increase wealth.
  • On the windowsill it acts as an activator of cash flows, and promotes the growth and luxurious flowering of home vegetation.
  • In the barn and on the field fence it protects the crops and grain bins.
  • When placed in the kitchen, it attracts good appetite, tasty and healthy food, and abundance on the table.

Horseshoes were used as a talisman not only on stationary objects. To prevent troubles on the road and attract success in business, you had to find a horseshoe and take it with you to an important event.

Sailors nailed horseshoes to the masts of sailing ships. Nowadays, this item, placed in the trunk of a car, has repeatedly saved the car owner from death or injury in serious accidents.

The sign says: finding a whole horseshoe is an omen of a series of successes and happiness. By placing a metal arc over the front door, you will be protected from the evil eye, damage, and any magical negative influence from the outside. By placing a horseshoe inside your home, you will attract wealth and prosperity for all family members. Such a talisman will bring welfare to your place.

Sergii Haranenko

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