Folk signs about natural disasters and catastrophes

A flood, a hurricane, a storm, an earthquake are catastrophic events, as a result of which people lose their homes and die. But nature, animals and birds always tell humanity that something bad will happen soon. Unfortunately, people do not listen to the prompts, do not have time to prepare or leave the place where the disaster occurs.

What signs nature gives to people, warning them of an impending earthquake, storm, fire, drought or other destructive natural phenomenon?

Signs promising a large-scale catastrophe

1. A hurricane is approaching if the horses suddenly begin to behave restlessly and snort.

2. When you see a swan flying against the wind, you should expect a hurricane to approach.

3. There will be a storm if the air temperature rises or drops immediately by 10 degrees within an hour.

4. If the ants began to swarm, transfer their food to the trees, this is a sign that flood is coming.

5. Dust and sand rising into the air is a bad omen of an impending tornado.

6. When it’s really coming down, then the pouring rain stops abruptly – this is a sign of a storm.

7. Wolves howl loudly at night – it is a bad sign that promises catastrophic disasters.

8. A sharply curved rainbow appeared in the sky – this means a long drought.

9. Heat and swelter will reign for a long time if beetles and dragonflies fly en masse.

10. Drought will destroy crops if bees start attacking people.

11. Thunder is not heard, and lightning sparkles in the spring – these are the signs of a dry summer.

12. Pets are worried, trying to leave a home or outbuilding – this is a foreshadowing of an earthquake, according to signs.

13. Fish thrown ashore is a harbinger of a tsunami.

14. Snakes crawl out of their holes when they feel an impending disaster.

15. Squirrels do not leave their nests when they feel the approach of a snowstorm.

16. The water in the well becomes cloudy, ripples appear on the surface – this is a sign of an earthquake.

17. The light flashes, electrical appliances turn off and on – this means destructive natural phenomena are coming.

18. The milk of domestic cows and goats begins to taste bitter – this is a bad omen that portends a natural disaster.

19. Flocks of crows circle over human dwellings – this is a bad omens predicting many deaths due to the catastrophe.

20. If the sky turns bright red during sunset, this may be a sign of a large-scale fire.

21. A storm is approaching, according to signs, if the seagulls do not fish in the sea, do not swing on the waves.

22. Deep-sea fish appeared on the surface – this is a harbinger of the earthquake.

Natural disasters are often seen in people's dreams, but such dreams, as a rule, portend trouble at work or problems in their personal lives.

Sergii Haranenko

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