Folk signs promising war and natural disasters

Throughout history, mankind has been accompanied by wars. The more civilized the world becomes, the more sophisticated are the weapons. Of course, many beliefs and signs are associated with wars and natural disasters among the people.

What signs nature gives, warning people about impending military conflicts or natural disasters?

When, closer to autumn, some trees begin to bloom again, this promises an imminent war or a natural disaster.

A plentiful harvest of apples and mushrooms, according to superstitions, is a sign that hostilities are just around the corner.

If in the daytime it suddenly became clear and you could see how birds were fighting in the sky, this is a sign that the same fights would soon begin between people on the earth.

The well, located not far from the house, gets tightened with cobwebs immediately before the armed conflict.

Bread baked at home acquires sour taste.

It becomes impossible to fire the furnaces due to the fact that the firewood is damp for no reason at all.

The milk that cows give becomes bitter, although they eat the usual grass.

Forest animals begin to come to people's houses, wolves howl louder at night.

Ravens circle over villages and small towns in rural areas – this is also a bad omen, portending deprivation and war.

When icons start crying in churches, this means war is coming soon.

It is believed that before the start of protracted conflicts, a serious breakthrough in medicine occurs.

If more boys than girls are born this year, this is a sign that an armed conflict between countries will soon begin.

Poultry begins to die out en masse before misfortunes.

Cereals give an unprecedented harvest before the war.

There is an invasion of rodents in settlements: rats, mice, as well as insects. This is also one of the signs of a coming conflict.

Spring comes early, and the weather is not overshadowed by prolonged rains and winds.

Flashes in the sun become more common before wars.

Sunsets turn blood red as a sign of coming war.

Bees fly into houses and start swarming there just before the war.

If an acacia suddenly blooms in September, then according to signs, a catastrophe cannot be avoided.

Comets fall more often in the night sky.

All these signs are given by nature to warn humanity of possible natural disasters and wars, as well as to remind the consequences of irrational actions.

Sergii Haranenko

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