How to pass an exam or test successfully according to folk signs?

Signs related to the preparation and taking exams or tests in any educational institution. How to find out which ticket you will have on the exam? Why do you need to avoid pits and cracks on the sidewalk before tests and exams?

Every quarter or semester of the academic year, schoolchildren and students are intensively preparing for passing tests and exams. This process causes a lot of emotions, because no one wants to take the subjects under study again, to stay for the second year in the same class or in the same course. In order to take tests and exams successfully, you need to not only study subjects, but also follow folk signs and beliefs.

The omens say that you should take any round object when taking exams: a ring, bracelet, or necklace. In this case, it is very important that there is no fastener on the item. It is believed that such a thing brings good luck to students.

On the day before leaving for the exam or tests, a coin must be placed in the shoes worn on the left foot. Preferably of not too small denomination.

On the day of the test or exam, according to the signs, from the very morning you have to do everything with your left hand. You need to brush your teeth, wash your face, dress and even eat with it. In the audience, you should pull the ticket (if you need to choose one) with your left hand, or press the keys if the test is taken on a computer.

If you have your own talisman, then it will not hurt to take it with you when passing the exam or test. The talisman can be a gift from a loved one, a decoration or a commemorative bill.

It is strictly forbidden to quarrel with someone before such an important event as test. Any quarrels carry negative energy.

It is recommended to put a textbook under the pillow the night before taking the exam. Then knowledge will surely come to mind at the right moment.

It is undesirable to go to an educational institution in new clothes on the day of exams. It may be unhappy. It is better to put on those clothes in which you have already passed exams perfectly well.

The day before the exam, as well as on a significant day, you must not step on the sewer hatches located on the sidewalks and roads. It is believed that the pits carry negative, which can stick to a person if he steps on the lid.

Going to the educational institution, cracks, pits and holes in the sidewalks and roads should be avoided. Stepping on them is a bad omen, promising a series of failures.

During preparation and before the significant day of passing the exams, you must not cut your hair or nails, wash your hair, otherwise all knowledge will be lost, and you will not be able to use it.

Having finished reading the lectures and books, it is necessary to close notebooks, textbooks. Leaving it open is a bad sign, foreshadowing trouble.

It is better to prepare things that you need to take with you when going to take exams in advance, putting them in a bag, so as not to come back for a forgotten thing, because this promises trouble.

According to beliefs, you should not take out the garbage outside a day before exams and tests. It is better to do it afterwards in order to get a good grade.

If you write all the ticket numbers on pieces of paper in the evening, put them under your pillow at night, and pull out one at random in the morning, without opening your eyes, it is believed that the number that will be indicated on it will also be the one you will get on the exam.

Vacuuming, mopping and dusting the house before taking an exam is a bad omen that portends a bad outcome.

It is worth remembering that quality learning and preparations combined with folk wisdom will help you complete a quarter, semester or school year successfully.

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Sergii Haranenko

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