Interpretation of ringing in the left or right ear

What does tinnitus (ear ringing) mean? In old times they believed that ringing in the ears has different meanings. It all depends on which side the noise is heard from. An old belief says that on a person’s shoulders there is a guardian angel on the right side, and a demon on the left. One of them whispers to a person about good things, and the other tempts him to do bad things.

If there is a ringing in the left ear, it means that the demon is reporting a person’s atrocities to the dark forces who rejoice at this. But if there is noise on the right, it means that your guardian angel is praising you before God. But besides this, there are many other signs and beliefs. So, ringing can mean a change in weather, trouble and success.

Why is there a ringing in my left ear?

    Since the left side is associated with dark forces, a ringing sound on the left can mean:
  • troubles;
  • gossip;
  • change of weather.

If it is ringing in the left ear, such a sign promises trouble for a person.

As the left side is associated with dark forces, the ringing indicates that the person is being discussed by his enemies. Find out who's doing it. To do this, name the people you suspect. The noise will stop when you call the name of the gossiper.

There is a belief that if you have ear noise while talking to someone, it means the other person is lying. And if during the ear ringing you were alone and thinking about some business, it should be postponed. A ringing in the left ear means that you will not be able to accomplish your plans.

According to another sign, tinnitus in the left ear indicates a change in weather. If you hear a noise on the left, which is accompanied by itching, it will rain soon.

Ringing in right ear meaning

On the right side of the person there is a guardian angel. It protects from troubles and bad weather. If you have tinnitus on the right, it means the guardian angel wants to tell you something.

    There are different versions:
  • good changes;
  • praise;
  • weather change;
  • success.

In any case, a ringing sound in the right ear is a sign of good news. Wait for interesting offers and profitable deals. Sometimes noise in the right ear means that a person is being spoken about in a positive manner. Perhaps someone praises him or admires him.

For weather-sensitive people, ringing in the right ear indicates a change in weather. Expect warm days and bright sunshine. According to another belief, for people born in summer or spring, a ringing sound on the right can, on the contrary, mean bad weather or rain.

It is important to pay attention to what you were doing or thinking about when the ringing started. Success awaits a person in this area. For example, if you were thinking about the need to buy some thing, feel free to do it.

What does ringing in both ears mean?

In most Western European countries, it is believed that ringing in both ears means that the person is being remembered. The Roman writer Gaius Pliny Secundus spoke about this: “When they talk about those who are absent, their ears ring at that time.”

For some people this is due to weather conditions. If your ear is ringing, the sign indicates that you should expect weather worsening, strong winds or even a hurricane. And if the noise in both ears is accompanied by a headache, there will be a downpour.

Make a wish if your ear in ringing

You can use a superstition that is familiar to us from childhood. If there is noise in your ear, make wishes immediately. Now, ask the person who is nearby to guess which ear is ringing (left or right one). If he manages to name the correct answer, your wish will soon come true.

Neutralization of bad omens

If there is noise in your left ear and you feel that someone is discussing you, bite the little finger on your left hand and your enemies will stop gossiping.

Some people are bothered by noise so often that they even cease to understand which ear is ringing. The head begins to hurt and the person becomes irritable. If there are no health problems and the noise does not go away, go to church and listen to the ringing of the bells. This kind of healing music will definitely help.

Opinion of esotericists about ear ringing

People with superpowers believe that noise means that a person does not want to listen to his inner voice. But yogis are sure that these are vibrations of the surrounding space. If a person hears it, it means he has some abilities.

According to statistics, every fifth person on the planet experiences ear ringing from time to time. It is important to pay attention, if the noise is accompanied by pain, be sure to consult a doctor.

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