Itchy stomach omens and superstitions

Sometimes people are so busy with daily activities that they don’t even pay attention to such trifles as itching in the abdomen or itching around the navel. It has long been believed that this stop in humans is the personification of energy and vitality, and the appearance of itching in this area warns of impending danger or trouble.

In addition, a sign on an itchy stomach may be some kind of anxiety, a person’s dissatisfaction with the state of affairs or dissatisfaction with any aspects of his personal life, since he may feel itchy due to a change in his internal state. Our ancestors interpreted the causes of itching in the stomach area in different ways, and therefore there are many correspondences to folk signs of what it could be.

Why does a woman’s stomach itch?

Women, by their nature, are initially more sensitive than men, they often pay attention to various little things, try to find meaning in dreams, feel the approach of unexpected twists of fate and save the family hearth from misfortunes and troubles. When it starts to itch in the lower abdomen, such a sign in pregnant women usually symbolizes the difficult nature of the unborn child: the child will be capricious and uncontrollable.

If a woman has a partner, itching can signal a long separation, parting, and even betrayal. If this happened to a married woman, this suggests that her man may have someone, and he will soon leave the family.

Itching in older women symbolizes the imminent loss of a loved one. Itching usually either warns young girls of impending problems and difficulties in their lives, or symbolizes the approach of mutual love, relationships, and even pregnancy.

Sometimes a woman’s stomach may itch due to an approaching frustration about past relationships; perhaps an ex-husband or a boyfriend who cheated on her and left her alone will appear in the girl’s life.

Why does the stomach itch in men?

In men, itching in this area usually symbolizes personal success, career growth and luck. If a man feels itching in the navel, this undoubtedly indicates an impending wedding and the appearance of a child in the family.

Severe itching in guys can warn of the imminent appearance of problems in their personal lives, in relationships, of a deterioration in their financial situation, therefore, the men sometimes need to listen to signs, not ignore feelings and their intuition, and pay attention to such trifles in order to further protect themselves from the appearance of various difficulties.

In older men, this indicates coming loneliness, disappointment in life and the loss of a loved one. In children and adolescents, this happens as prediction of trouble and often symbolizes that all the pranks and tricks will soon be revealed, and the child will be punished by the parents.

In other cases, a sign of why a man’s stomach itches may indicate various successes in business, an improvement in the state of love affairs, possible luck and good luck in a professional way.

Itchy stomach superstitions by the days of the week

  • Itchy stomach on Monday. If itching appears on the first day of the week, this indicates a possible long-awaited meeting with an old friend or important person.
  • Stomach is itchy on Tuesday. If this feeling appeared on Tuesday, this indicates the approach of quarrels with relatives and friends, perhaps a person will find out some unpleasant news and news.
  • Wednesday itching. On Wednesday, the tummy usually itches promising new and pleasant relationships with women and the opportunity to earn some money from men.
  • Stomach is itching on Thursday. On this day of the week, the omen usually symbolizes long and noisy gatherings with old acquaintances.
  • Feeling stomach itch on Friday. On Friday, this usually portends that the day should be extremely successful, so after such body signals, you can safely proceed to fulfill all your goals.
  • Feeling itchy in stomach on Saturday. On this day of the week, when the stomach itches, this is a warning to a person of impending dangers, so you need to be patient and show due skill, preparing to face problems.
  • Stomach is itchy on Sunday. On Sunday, this usually happens as a sign of unexpected surprises and gifts; unexpected news and deeds from relatives and friends are possible.
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