Meaning of Yin Yang symbol

The symbol of the masculine and feminine principles of Yin and Yang indicates the interaction of these two strong energies with each other. The Chinese adopted this sign into their philosophy from the Buddhists; later it was reflected in many areas of human life - creativity, medicine or religion.

Such a talisman will replenish your internal energy and also help you find harmony with your inner self and with the people around you. For maximum effect, it is important to study in detail the meaning of the Yin and Yang symbols that make up the amulet, both together and separately.

The meaning of Yin Yang concept

Initially, the symbol of the opposition of Yin and Yang meant a mountain that was illuminated by sunlight on one side, and in darkness on the other side. The forward movement of the celestial body leads to a change in the light and dark sides - this indicates the cyclical nature of life.

In general, the amulet represents the unity of opposites: good and evil, harm and benefit, activity and passivity. Each sign in the Yin and Yang talisman has its own special meaning.

Yin symbol – feminine principle

    Feminine Yin energy represents the dark side of the Moon, which promotes:
  • development of intuition;
  • softening of character;
  • increased emotionality;
  • unleashing creative potential.

Yin helps women become calmer, wiser and more feminine at the same time, which attracts the attention of the opposite sex.

Yang symbol – means the masculine beginning

    Male Yang energy means the bright side of the Sun, which symbolizes:
  • clarity of mind;
  • clarity of formulation of thoughts;
  • determination;
  • development of intelligence and logical thinking.

The calm energy of Yin activates the masculine principle of Yang for active actions and open manifestation of one’s intentions.

What does the Yin Yang symbol look like?

The appearance of the Yin Yang sign is a perfect closed circle, which personifies the symbol of the infinity of the universe, divided by a wavy line into two equal halves, similar to fish or drops. One part of the amulet is white, and the other is painted black.

Parts of the amulet are widened at one end and narrowed at the other. At the same time, the wider part has a dot of the opposite color inside - they indicate that both energies are interconnected and are capable of influencing each other.

Impact of Yin Yang on daily life

The internal state of a person and everything around him is filled with Yin Yang energy and the main task for achieving a harmonious life is to achieve their balance.

    Personalities in which Yang predominates are energetic natures with their inherent:
  • aggressiveness and hot temper;
  • incontinence;
  • excessive assertiveness.

A person in whom the Yin principle is more manifested is calm, lazy, often in a depressed state, however, he is distinguished by balance, rich imagination and well-developed intuition.

Yin Yang talismans

Each person has masculine and feminine traits, and a symbol depicting Yin and Yang will help the owner find harmony by balancing both energies within himself. The main effect of the talisman is to strengthen weak character traits and suppress strong ones.

Before you start wearing a purchased or presented talisman, it is recommended to hold it under running water for several minutes - this way you will wash away other people’s energy from it.

    It is recommended to activate the talisman for each element and zodiac sign in different ways:
  • Fire. Aries, Leo and Taurus should carry the amulet over a burning candle seven times.
  • Earth. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are recommended to lower the protective sign into a pot of soil or bury it in the garden for 7 hours.
  • Air. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius need to smoke the talisman with incense 7 times.
  • Water. Scorpios, Cancers and Pisces need to lower the decoration into a container of water also 7 times.

To activate the amulet, you need to communicate with it regularly and share those things that bother you and destroy harmony.

The most powerful amulet is in the form of a pendant, which is worn closer to the heart - this way it has a better effect on the spiritual and physical state of the owner. Earrings are also considered the best option for women, and cufflinks for men.

Meaning of Yin Yang tattoo

Tattoos with Yin Yang symbols are allowed to be applied to any person, regardless of gender or age. The desire to get a tattoo with this sign means that you want to come to inner agreement with yourself, are trying to get rid of doubts and find meaning in life.

The Yin Yang tattoo will help you deal with life’s problems, improve your body’s condition and find your soulmate.

In order for the image on the body to lead to positive changes, it is recommended to hide it from the eyes of strangers - it is optimal to get a tattoo on the back, stomach or chest.

It is important to remember that true harmony with yourself and the world around you can only be achieved by learning to control and correctly apply Yin Yang energy.

Therefore, do not forget to listen to your inner voice regularly, which will help you understand what exactly needs to be done to find balance in life.

Sergii Haranenko

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