Mirror as a gift omens and superstitions

It often happens in our lives that we learn about some kind of prohibition or bad omen after the action has taken place. It’s upsetting when a person sincerely wants to give a pleasant and useful gift, but in fact it turns out that the souvenir becomes a bone of contention or a reason for quarrels and insults.

Before buying the most wonderful gift on your opinion, you should make inquiries to see if you can give a mirror, dishes, watch or knife. It would be useful to find out the opinion of the person to whom the item is intended regarding a specific gift, or at least ask whether he is superstitious.

Why can't you give a mirror as a gift?

Perhaps someone rejoices when receiving an antique mirror as a birthday gift, but there are also those who remember an old sign warning against such ambiguous gifts. Indeed, a functional piece of furniture has contradictory characteristics; it has long been considered a mystical attribute containing powerful magical powers. This is a kind of portal through which the exchange of energies takes place and the transition to the otherworldly abode of ghosts and secret forces.

If a person has doubts whether it is possible to give a mirror to women, it is better to abandon the idea.

    According to belief, there are more than enough reasons for not gifting mirrors, let’s name some of them:
  • A mirror can take or steal beauty from a young girl or a mature lady who often preens herself while looking at her reflection. There have been situations when bosom friends broke off their friendship because one of them saw a catch in the gift (envy, deceit, bad thoughts).
  • It may bring misfortune to someone who received a mirror as a gift for their birthday with the best intentions from the person who gave it. The fact is that it is unknown who previously peered at an item that has the unique property of “remembering” information and accumulating negative energy. There is no guarantee that energy dirt has not lingered here. Even if the mirror is new, it may have been displayed in a store window for public viewing.
  • It may spoil a child who will “overlook” his/her fate, make friends with evil spirits, and become uncontrollable and capricious.
  • It may bring divorce to the newlyweds and cause quarrels and discord. A truly creepy prophecy, so it’s hardly worth considering the object as a wedding gift. The only exception is the request of the newlyweds, who chose and set aside the mirror themselves, and the donor only made the payment.

How to give someone a mirror?

When making the final decision to give a mirror for a celebration, it would be nice to agree on all the nuances in advance.

The donor must be prepared for the recipient to buy back his gift for a symbolic fee. Most often they give a handful of metal money (coins); the main thing is to make sure that there are yellow coins among them.

    Important points:
  • when choosing a gift, preference should be given to framed mirrors;
  • fragile mirrors must be packaged, regardless of weight and dimensions.

What to do if you are handed a mirror?

Despite the fact that giving a mirror for a holiday is not the best omen, the negative energy of this item can be neutralized. By following the recommendations of knowledgeable people, it is not difficult to avoid negative emotions, adverse consequences and discord.

    There are several ways to clear a new mirror, which are performed in combination or are limited to only acceptable measures:
  • Wash the surface with running cold water, which will eliminate traces of accidental or unauthorized people.
  • Treatment with holy water (it is important not to wipe it, but to let the surface dry), and then place the mirror in the designated place.
  • Salt treatment. The difficulty is that for large mirrors you will need a box of the same size. The glass surface is thickly covered with salt so that there are no gaps left, closed with a lid and hidden from prying eyes for three days.
  • Step by step treatment with water and salt, this will also require a piece of black silk. The mirror should be wrapped in cloth and hidden in a dark place.

After placing the mirror on the wall, you need to light a new candle in front of it and let it burn out to the end.

Remember: the new mirror you receive should be filled with positive energy, so smile and admire yourself every time you approach it. Keep it clean and regularly wipe the surface. Monitor the appearance of any damage or flaws that serve as a signal to immediately get rid of the piece of furniture.

Sergii Haranenko

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