Nails signs and superstitions.

As you know, nails are a reflection of human health, but it is not the only thing that the nail plates can tell us about. The variety of signs associated with nails is often amazing.

Beliefs and signs associated with nails.

One of the beliefs concerns the shape of the nails of the person.

So, if the natural shape of the nail plate is oval, the signs say that this is a family person; the main value for him is the health of his loved ones, peace and comfort in the house. According to the sign, such a person is distinguished by restraint, wisdom and calmness. But, unfortunately, excessive softness often interferes in life, it is necessary at least sometimes to learn how to say “no” to people. No need to sacrifice yourself for the sake of satisfying the interests of others.

Careerists and real fans of their business are people with square nails. For them, there is nothing insurmountable. If suddenly there is a choice between marriage and promotion, such people will choose the second option without hesitation. The square shape of the nails speaks of such character traits as assertiveness, self-confidence, the desire to go to the end. But such people need to remember that in life there will definitely come a moment when you want simple human happiness, and there will be no one to share it with.

The pointed shape of the nail plate usually belongs to creative people. You must have some kind of talent. Perhaps you draw beautifully or play a musical instrument masterfully. Such people rarely care about tomorrow and the fate of mankind through the centuries. They live one day, enjoying the moment here and now.

If your nails are growing very fast, there is a sign that suggests that it is time for you to narrow your social circle. Probably, there are too many people whom you consider friends in your environment. It must be remembered that there can not be many good friends.

If, on the contrary, the nails grow for an extremely long time, this phenomenon has been noticed in lonely and self-contained people. You need to try to relax; it is not at all necessary to become the soul of the company, just a couple of people with whom you can talk heart to heart.

Attention! Long nail growth can be caused by a deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body. Contact a specialist for treatment.

Hard nails speak of a similar character of its owner. It is very difficult to convince such a person or inspire him with your point of view. These are the people who go ahead, wanting to achieve their goals.

There is a sign that says that if the nails change their shape during a person's life, this means that a period has come for large-scale changes in life. Perhaps we are talking about moving to another city, a radical change in professional activity, the birth of another child.

Superstitions about broken nails.

A broken nail brings a lot of trouble to its owner. Signs assure us that nails break for a reason.

So, if you broke a nail on the eve of an important solemn event, be sure that a broken nail is not the biggest problem that arose during the holiday.

Pay attention to exactly where the nail is cracking. If the crack occurred vertically in the center of the nail plate, this means an imminent separation from a loved one; if the nail breaks horizontally, this means separation is expected from friends.

If the nail breaks at the base, be prepared for extremely unexpected news. They don't have to be negative, but even good news can shock you.

    Signs say that the finger with which the crack happened also matters:
  • Thumb nail broke - indicates that you need to be more careful about your health. Drink a course of vitamins, be outdoors more often and dress warmer;
  • Index finger nail cracked - according to legend, a broken nail on the index finger promises a serious conversation with your partner. If you have something to hide, be prepared for the fact that the truth will be revealed;
  • Middle finger nail chipped - do not wind yourself up over trifles. All superstitions are on your side, luck will smile at you today or tomorrow, business will go up. If you have not been able to cope with some task for a long time, then now is the time to put all your strength into it;
  • Ring finger nail got broken - a broken nail on this finger portends longing and love worries. Unfortunately, you will not be able to influence this state in any way; you just need to wait it out;
  • Little finger nail got cracked - if this nail is broken or the pinkie is itching, the sign predicts a long road to where you have never been before. Perhaps a surprise is being prepared for you, or maybe you are going on a planned trip. In any case, it will be successful.

White spots on nails meaning.

Sometimes small blotches can be seen on the nail plate; most often they have a rounded or oblong shape. The color varies from white to pale pink. There are a number of signs and superstitions regarding white spots on the nails.

In the old days, it was believed that when a young girl had such spots on her nails, it meant improvements in her personal life. If a girl is single, the signs say that she will definitely meet her fate. And if the girl already has a partner, their relationship should move to a new level.

If spots appear at the base of the nail, this means a coming meeting with a loved one; spots in the center - good news; if they are randomly located throughout the nail plate - failure.

The sign advises to beware if white spots appear on all nails, except on the index finger. Usually this indicates an approaching illness.

The retreat of the disease is foreshadowed by three white spots on the nail of the thumb.

Less often, blotches appear on the little finger. But if you noticed them there, it's time to buy a lottery ticket or enter into a profitable dispute, you will certainly be very lucky.

If oblong white stripes appear on the middle fingers, this means you should carefully monitor your speech, and not say too much; do not discuss your colleagues and boss.

Important! White spots usually disappear within a week. If the inclusions on your nails are regular, you should contact a specialist. This may indicate problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

Folk signs about cutting nails.

Many people are interested in the question: "Why can't you cut your nails in the evening?" The sign replies that cutting nails, like cutting hair in the evening, is tantamount to cutting money. That is, it can cause deterioration in the financial situation, the loss of one of the sources of income.

When should one cut his nails? The best time of day for the procedure is the morning hours, approximately from nine in the morning to eleven in the afternoon. At this time, the body is most active and open to favorable changes.

According to folk signs, you should not cut your nails with someone else's manicure scissors. The logic explains this by the fact that if you get hurt, you can bring someone else's infection. And the sign says that in this way you take away happiness from both the owner of the scissors and yourself.

In addition, it is important that the finger nails and on the toe nails are also not cut with the same tool. Here, the sign warns that this will cause slander on you and your family.

It is always a good idea to clip your own nails. If, due to physiological characteristics or illness, you are not able to do this, you can entrust such a thing only to someone who will never wish you harm (for example, parents or children).

Nails, like hair, were often used in magical rites. Having obtained the biological material of a person, it was possible to inflict terrible damage on him, including a conspiracy to death. That is why you should not scatter clipped nails, leave them anywhere. It is best to flush them down the drain so that no one can get to them.

Nail cutting: superstitions by day of the week.

If you start cutting off regrown nail plates on Monday, you can “cut off” sadness and longing. If you are burdened by resentment, the troubles of the past, longing for a loved one, or just sad memories flooded in, then cutting your nails will help you find a sense of some kind of renewal.

Tuesday is a good day of the week for a manicure in general. If suddenly you are sick with a cold, then getting rid of unnecessary nail length will help the body recover faster. Another sign says that clipping nails on Tuesday brings female happiness.

On Wednesday, it is better to choose another cosmetic procedure. Although there are no categorical prohibitions on this matter, but some superstitions say that cutting nails on Wednesday leads to losses. It can be losses both financial and personal. By the way, Wednesday is generally not a favorable day for getting rid of or acquiring something. It is better to devote this day to ordinary everyday affairs.

Nails renewed on Thursday are able to return tenderness to the cooled feelings of a beloved couple, so cutting them on Thursday is a favorite pastime of young and superstitious girls.

Friday nail cutting will bring good luck and success. Do not be afraid to take risks, everything will turn out for you in the best way.

Saturday is a great day for any minor changes. Nail trimming is one of them. According to the sign, you will feel a surge of vitality and energy.

But traditional signs do not recommend cutting either hair or nails on Sunday. Otherwise, you run the risk of feeling empty and tired all week.

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