Omens about cricket in the house

Probably each of us at least once in our lives happened to hear the chirping of crickets. But it’s one thing if it happens somewhere in nature or in the village, which even seems very romantic, and quite another when such “music” suddenly starts to sound in your own apartment at night. Therefore, today we will talk with you about the sign “cricket in the house”: you will find out why these insects start living inside a human dwelling, whether they can be kicked out safely, and what will happen if you decide to use a folk method called “slippers” or modern chemicals against them.

Positive signs about crickets at your place

Cricket in the house - is it dangerous? Signs most often have positive interpretations, so you should not worry. But their interpretation differs depending on who exactly is the owner of the housing. So, for example, it is widely believed that a cricket that has settled in a private house or apartment promises an early acquisition of wealth and various material benefits.

And if the cricket decided to settle in the room of a single girl - very soon she will marry safely. However, for single men, the appearance of such a guest will mean the same thing - the wedding is just around the corner!

If the owner of the house where the cricket has settled is in an expectant mother-to-be, this means the birth will be easy and quick, and the baby will be born strong and healthy.

For a sick person, proximity to a cricket portends speedy recovery, and for a widow, getting rid of mental pain and healing emotional wounds is promised. According to beliefs, the souls of dead men can take the form of a cricket, so the insect comes home to the widow for a reason: it becomes the protector of its beloved, protects her and the house from any dangers.

In general, the answer to the question "cricket in the house - what does it mean?" is given rather unambiguously by the signs: the “musical” insect becomes the guardian of your home and does not allow negative energy to penetrate inside. By the way, the louder the “songs” of the cricket sound at night, the happier and more successful the life of the whole family will be.

Negative interpretations of cricket signs and superstitions

Despite such pleasant interpretations given above, there are also negative signs about crickets. But most often they are not associated with the very fact of the appearance of an insect inside the apartment, but with its habits or the attitude of the household itself towards the uninvited guest. So, for example, a cricket flying around the house reports an impending fire, so it’s worth checking the wiring, household appliances, sockets and de-energizing the apartment when leaving the house.

If your “pet cricket” always chirped only at night, but suddenly began to make sounds in the daytime, there is a high risk that one of the family members will leave for a long time or leave the house. For what reason this will happen, it is impossible to say for sure, but just in case, it is better to conflict less with your family, because a completely ordinary quarrel can lead to slamming doors and gathering suitcases.

If one of the family members or the whole family suddenly woke up from the chirping of a cricket at night, misfortune is coming. And if the insect suddenly stopped singing its songs altogether, hard times will soon come for those living in the house. But, in the latter case, it is worth making sure that the noisy little tenant was not deliberately kicked out by someone from your relatives, whose sensitive sleep was disturbed with his loud chirping.

If you were not too friendly with the intruder and drove it out, or even worse - killed the cricket, get ready for the worst. The signs of a cricket in the house unanimously agree on one thing: the forcible expulsion of an insect threatens financial problems and a series of various troubles, and killing (by physical means or chemicals) – predicts serious illnesses and even death of one of the family members.

How to get rid of a cricket?

So, how to get rid of cricket in the house? Signs, as you already understood, forbid expelling or killing an insect, so let's talk about a more humane way to drive out the uninvited guest. In fact, this method is not difficult at all - just deprive the little tenant of comfortable living conditions, and it will soon leave on his own. Then the negative predictions will not work.

What needs to be done for this? Just close all the taps tightly, turn off the water supply at night, and after using the sink or bathroom, wipe these places dry with a rag so that nothing drips anywhere. If you have a habit of keeping an open jar of water on the table, close it, and always keep the toilet lid down just in case. If the cricket settled at your place in the summer, and you have a summer house, just go there with the whole family for a couple of weeks, blocking all water sources at home. During this time, the little noisy guest will realize that there is nothing more to get in this house, and will leave to look for more comfortable conditions for existence.

And finally, it is worth noting that the interpretations listed above are not signs about a grasshopper. Grasshopper and cricket are different insects, although many people confuse them. But we will talk about grasshoppers another time.

Sergii Haranenko

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